Sat-UK: Report #9 - 23.1.97

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Report #9


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And now the news:

---------- SKY LOGOS
Sky have changed the logos used for Sky 1 and Sky 2 during programme
Not long ago, Sky introduced logos for Sky 1 and Sky 2 which were put in
the top left hand corner of the screen, similar to Sky Sports' logo.
These looked rather ugly, and many people complained to Sky and wrote to
magazines. Now, Sky has replaced these eyesores with a nice new logo.
This is a transparent version, without the silly "box" that used to be
these. It doesn't hinder the picture as much, as should be greatly

---------- SKY BOX OFFICE
Sky will use its "Box Office channel" again on February 8th to show more
live boxing. The price is 9.95 before Feb. 7th. One wonders if Sky will
ever show anything other than boxing...

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