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Report #8


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And now the news:

---------- MTV UK???
*** The following information is taken directly from the TS-News mailing
list. All credit is due to TELE-Satellit (address above). The following
article is included for relevance in the UK Satellite Scene only. No
credit hereby taken. ***

Apparently, MTV Europe is to change its programming on Astra 1A. The
channel currently broadcasts the same programming as on the other
satellites. The proposed change will create a "new" channel - MTV In the
UK, with a more UK orientated schedule. This will simply take over from
MTVE on Astra 1A tp15. M2: Music Television, MTV's current US sister
channel, will also launch in Sky's TV Package, but in the third quarter,
1997, as part of the digital package.

---------- TRANSPONDER 46
Recently I have noticed that tp46 on Astra 1C has an EXTREMELY weak
signal indeed. This transponder currently carries Nickelodeon and
Paramount Comedy, two channels which are part of the Sky M-C package. It
may just be my equipment, so I wanted to see what Sat-UK subscribers had
to say. If you have any information, please email me. On a similar note,
HotBird 2 at 13e seems to be going nicely. I, however, have had some
problems - RTPI, ABSat Promo, EDTV and Polonia 1, on transponders 50,
51, 52 and 54 respectively, have been transmitting on good signals, but
it was necessary for me to "bump" the frequency down about 700MHz to get
a good picture. ART Europe goes a lot further however (tp65) - I can get
no picture whatsoever without setting my Low Threshold Adjust at about
12 (where the default is 0)!!! Even then, I get an extremely bad picture
and no sound.
Reports from elsewhere in Europe and beyond have praised the reception
from HB2, but I can't say the same. I would be interested to see what
other UK subscribers have to say. Can you receive HB2 well?

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