Sat-UK: Report #W3 - Week ending 25.1.97

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Report #W3


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And now the news:

---------- WEEKLY ROUND-UP
MTV Europe will soon cease transmitting on Astra transponder 15, and
will change to MTV In the UK (or something similar), as part of Sky's
Multi-Channels Package. M2, MTV's sister channel, will be added later as
part of Sky's Digital Package. (Information taken from TELE-Satellit

Sky Logos:
Sky have changed their "in-programme" logos. The old silver boxes which
appeared in the top right of the screen have been replaced by new
transparent "Sky logos", with the channel name underneath.

Sky Box Office:
On February 8th, Sky will re-initiate their Box Office promotion to sell
Pay-Per-View viewing of a live boxing match. A discount is available for
purchases before midnight 7th February. The offer is, as always, only
available to UK viewers.

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