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* The Italian public broadcaster RAI has announced that it will dedicate
more than 200 hours covering the World Cup socccer which is being held
in France during June and July of this year. Out of a total of 64 games,
56 will be transmitted live. The first phase matches will be aired on
RAI Uno, RAI Due and RAI Tre while the quarter-finals and the finals
will be transmitted live only on RAI's first TV channel.

44 matches will be transmitted in the new 16:9 wide-screen format via
the digital transponder 52, 11.766 Ghz, V, on the Eutelsat Hot Bird 2
satellite, for viewers in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
Additionally, the digital broadcasts from France'98 will also be
transmitted via the same transponder with a higher than usual "bit-rate"
(15 Mbit/s) which will guarantee a better quality signal.

RAI's team on the ground in France will count over 90 people. For the
Italian national team games, RAI will have 5 additional TV cameras on
ground as well as 2 more in the studio, besides those provided by the
host broadcaster.

Viewers in the Americas and Africa who have access to RAI International
will also be able to watch special coverage from France.
(SME, source: SAT-Italy/Branislav Pekic)

* French Enterprise AA Films announces to start a MPEG-2/clear package
with seven movie channels in 4 languages for Pan-European distribution.
The proposed channels will be financed by advertisement and sales of

The project is proposed by Jean-Marc Fonseca, former Technical Director
(for ten years) of french TV-Producer AB, broadcaster of the AB-Sat
digital package.

The channel is supposed to start up in the next ten days from 13 East
and will broadcast initially an ANALOGUE music channel, which will be
free to air in the first four month of transmission, in order to attract

SME Comment: I feel it will try to follow in the footsteps of the
unprecedented succes story of French Fashion TV, which after one year of
service is writing black figures. It's a different story from what you
normally hear of new TV networks. Fashion TV claims to reach over 100
Million homes, since June 1st.

* As on the Cable & Satellite exhibition in London recently announced,
is the European equivalent of UK Music channel "The Box" supposed to
start several country specific channels under the covering name "Magic
The main concept of the channel is to display music videos, requested by
phone by viewers, out of a list of 100 titles displayed on-screen.

* "The increase in the mass of satellites is going to continue" said
ESA's Director of Launchers. "From the 3 tonnes average forecast only a
few months ago, we now predict 4.5 tonnes craft and by 2005/6 there will
be 5.5 tonne satellites... So the requirement is quite simple, two times
5.5 equals... an 11 tonnes capacity. Ariane 5 must be capable of
launching that by around 2005."

The measures to improve Ariane 5 performance, increasing the present 6.5
tonnes by 1000kg, are already in hand (Perfo 2000, AR5 Evolution). The
only way to proceed further is by introducing cryogenic propulsion in
the upper stage. And in line with the gradual increase of satellite
masses, so will the Ariane 5's cryogenic evolution be progressive.

The first step will be to adapt Ariane 4's cryogenic third stage H10
engine to the new launcher, whilst simultaneously preparing for an
entirely new cryogenic engine. This H10 version could be ready in 2002.
The second step consists in developping the new engine which would have
over twice the thrust of the H10, 150-kN compared to the present 65-kN
Ariane 4 engine. This new 'MC-150' or 'MESCO' (Upper stage Optimised
Cryogenic Engine) re-ignitable engine (upto five times at intervals of
between 3 minutes and 6 hours) should be available for late 2005. The
performance reached with this engine would enable practically 8T to be
launched towards Mars.

These new cryogenic versions of the upper stage will not replace the
current storable propellant EPS stage. In order to respond to the need
to launch constellations, whose clusters are often seperated on
different planes, the EPS Aestus engine, which is itself reignitable,
needs to be given the necessary support systems in the EPS stage. This
Ariane 5V ("Versatile") needs the addition of extra batteries, thermal
control, new software and an improved attitude & control system. Working
towards this objective, the third qualification flight 503, scheduled
for October, will end with an Aestus engine restart experiment. (Such a
version is expected to be used to send ESA's Rosetta probe on its way.)

The first, using the Ariane 4 H10 engine would be fuelled with some
14,000kg of propellants. The second, definitive engine, would need an
lowering of the concave bulhead of the liquid hydrogen tank and a new
spherical liquid oxygen tank. Propellant total capacity would then reach

Adopting the a cryogenic propulsion system means that new fuelling arms
will have to installed on the umbilical tower solely to supply this
upper stage.

 This two step approach to increasing Ariane 5 upper stage performance
was adopted by the industrial partners on 20th March 1998.

The total cost of all these improvements, has been estimated, at 1.2
billion Euros. This program will have to be adopted and budgetted for at
the next ESA Council meeting at Ministerial level, originally scheduled
for this coming June, but which has been postponed to the end of this
year or early 1999.

In order to meet the target dates of 2002 and 2005, development must
start in 1999 and therefore a 'first bite' of this budget must be
authorised at the ESA Council on 23/24 June. (A 'normal' meeting,
although there could still be quite a few Ministers around!)

* The VEGA small launcher, complementary to Ariane 5, is to be a three
stage all-solid propellant vehicle, (using Ariane 5's solid-boosters)
equipped with a liquid propellant attitude and orbit control system. It
would be able to place 1 tonne payloads into low Earth orbit, and would
cost less that 20 Million $ to launch. Development time is estimated at
4 years, total project cost put at some 370 million Euros. Here again, a
"first slice" of 50/60 Million Euros would need to be budgetted for as
from next June. This was "still under discussion".

Finally, the director of ESA's Launchers Directorate, confirmed that
Arianespace would be responsable for production and commercial
exploitation of the VEGA. "The Governments wished that Arianespace take
on this role and Arianespace has expressed its willingness... the
question has been amply discussed by all parties, and there are no
difficulties. So that is our baseline plan."

Presenting the VEGA proposal in Paris a week earlier, FIAT-AVIO
management had evoked two versions of the new rocket.

The Vega-K Zero and the Vega-K would have a 350kg and 1000kg performance
respectively into a 700km orbit. Observers noted however that the
proposal which has been adopted by the Italian National Space Agency
refers to a 1500kg capacity.

Fiat-Avio has teamed up with Ukraine's Youjnoye, not just to produce the
upper stage engines for the Vega, but also to commercialize the Cyclone
launcher, which could be launched from Kourou or Alcantara in Brasil.

Fiat-Avio believes that the Cyclone (2.9T - 3.5T into LEO) and the
Soyouz are complementary to one another. An opinion which is not
necessarily shared by other partners in the Ariane program.
(SME, source: go-Ariane)

LAUNCH INFORMATION, http://www.satcodx.com/launches.shtml
* Astra 2A with Proton is delayed from June to 20 August.

* PAS 6B is finally scheduled with Ariane V110 is for a 25 August

ASIASAT 1, 105.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/asia1.shtml
* Star Movies in PAL has left 4,180 V.

* MRTV - Myanmar TV - has left 4,140 V, can be seen ongoing from Thaicom
3 at 78.5 East.
(T Yau)

THAICOM 3, 78.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/thai78.shtml
* Thai TV5 Global Network was seen for a few days on transponder 51,
3,520 H, semi global beam, MPEG-2/clear, SR 26666, FEC 3/4, plus six
Thaicom test cards. Lately only a strong empty carrier can be observed
from this frequency

The signal levels received in Cairo, of transponder 51 & 53 are equal,
very good, but around 20 percent less as transponder 56, 3.680 H, with

* The new ATN transponder for Bangla Desh on the vertical polarization
can be recognized, but that's all: 3.575 V and 3.600 V.

SME Comment: The Thai MPEG-2/clear package on transponder 53, 3.600 H,
package seems to be without any supervision or maintenance. The
multiplex seems to be OK, but all testcards are in several stages of
detoration, some have complete broken down colourbars. On channel 8 is a
frozen picture now more than a week ! 

APSTAR 2R, 76.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/apstar2r.shtml
* ZJTV - ZheJiang TV returned to transponder 4A, 3,760 H, PAL/clear,
with audio on 6,60 MHz, using the global beam
Radio channel "ZheJiang ren min guang bo dian tai" is on an audio
subcarrier on 8,05 MHz.

Signal strenght in Cairo with a 240 cm solid dish is very good, the
audio/video quality is excellent! It's by the way nice programming too !

PANAMSAT 4, 68.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/pas4.shtml
* NHK World Premium has left 12,604 V and was replaced by NHK feeds in
NTSC/enc. (Nokia Line Shuffle ?).

* A NHK feed in NTSC has been seen from the WM France to Japan on 12,721
H. I myself have not yet been able to observe it.

* The CCTV package on 3,716 H is unfortunately NOT bilingual as
mentioned in last weeks report.

CCTV has changed all there on screen logos and changed timing of their
broadcast and programming contents. It seems to me that they want to
look a little more progressive... It has changed on all satellites I can

* On this satellite and Nilesat 101, started in the SHOWTIME package
Wednesday the Hallmark Network. The start is announced on all other
channels of the network. The Hallmark Network can be seen at present
time in the clear, a Showtime smart card does not have to be inserted to
see the channel.

SME Comment: Strangely enough all transmissions have been with Polish
voice-over dubbing in the first few hours of transmission. I suspect
strongly a mix-up in the feed transmission, while on the same day on
ASTRA transponder 95, on 12,304 H the Hallmark Polska has started,
however encrypted in Cryptoworks. 

TURKSAT 1C, 42 East, http://www.satcodx.com/turk1c.shtml
* To the irregular black-outs of the Turkish channels by governmental
ruling we got used to, I even stopped reporting them. Now two complete
transponder signals dissapeared including their programming, of-course.

Is it maintenance ? Transponder failure ? Anybody seen or heard of any
anouncements ? Both transponder are totally off-air since Thursday:

transponder 7:   11,100  H       HBB ceased 04/06
transponder 14:  11,072  V       Kanal 6 ceased 04/06

EUTELSAT II-f3, 16 East, http://www.satcodx.com/e2f3.shtml
* Last Tuesday the Al Fatah uplink organization performed tests for
Lybia TV on transponder 39, 11,596 V, widebeam, audio 6.60 MHz. This
transponder is on the long run reserved for Lybian TV. For an eventual
start is no date set.

EUTELSAT II-f1, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/e2f1.shtml
* Sima-yeh Moghavemat has left 11,658 V, now on Hot Bird 1.

* Sima-yeh Moghavemat was probably forced to move while the main
broadcaster EE-TV:Eros TV extended its transmission time...now starting
from 15:00 CET

HOT BIRD 1, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb1.shtml
* Sima-yeh Moghavemat has started on 11,280 V, PAL/clear, 17:30-18:30

HOT BIRD 2, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb2.shtml
* On the RAI dedicated World Cup soccer transponder 52, 11.866 V,
widebeam, MPEG-2/clear, 27500, 2/3, PIDs 512/650, RAI 16:9 changed it's
name to RAIwidescreen, a new test card "I58 SARNO" is displayed.

Several MPEG-2 transmissions with high bit-rate tests, could be observed
on the TESTRAI channel on PIDs 514/652, in the same package.

HOT BIRD 3, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb3.shtml
* TMT - Troche Mlodsza TV has started on 12,322 H, MPEG-2/clear, SR
27500, FEC 2/3, PIDs 2816/2817. TVN Polnoc has moved to 514/670.

* WRC on transponder 77, 12,245 H, widebeam, 27500, 3/4, WRC on PIDs
126/136 got encrypted.

* Transponder 83, 12.360 H, originally reserved for Canal+ Polska, could
be seen with transponder tests and an empty carrier during the week.

* TSI 2 has started in the Swiss bouquet on 12,399 H, MPEG-2/Viaccess,
PIDs 166/100.

HOT BIRD 4, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb4.shtml
* The test transmissions of RAI Uno and RAI Due have been terminated on
the Eutelsat Skyplex transponder 110, at 10,719 V. The transponder is in
ongoing occupation for Eutelsat promotional material and data

* At irregular times in the last fortnight has the Hot Bird Channel,
been off-air during day-time on transponder 98, 12,673 V, widebeam, SR
27500, FEC 3/4, PIDs 210/211. During that time the FUCINO E/S testcard
was displayed.

* Unknown signals on transponder 111, 10.727 H, seem to be getting
stronger daily, but don't allow me to fetch anything...

EUTELSAT II-f4-M, 7 East, http://www.satcodx.com/e2f4.shtml
* EBU unilateral World Cup soccer feeds in MPEG-2/NDS, SR 13871, FEC
7/8, with PIDs 4112/4128, on the following frequencies:
11,131 H / 11,149 H / 11,166 V / 11,167 H / 11,185 H

INTELSAT 707, 1 West, http://www.satcodx.com/i707.shtml
* The Israel Package on transponder 111XU, 11,015 V, MPEG-2, SR 14992,
FEC 3/4,has extended their line-up as follows:

 257/ 258	SUPER SAL (encrypted, at times clear) 	
 513/ 514	EHA 2		Colorbars "EMEQ HAELA"  & test tone
 769/ 770	EHA 3		Multicoulered card "JSC 625" Jerusalem
8191/8191	(null)		Black screen/no audio

NILESAT 101, 7 West, http://www.satcodx.com/nile101.shtml
* Since last Saturday morning is the Egyptian satellite full in action,
having 10 transponder out of 12 activated. Four channels are occupied by
Domestic Television service (including Oman TV and Bahrain TV), two
transponder are in use by the SHOWTIME Network, two transponder are
showing the full 1stNET package, including the transmissions of the ART.

Further are two transponder, reserved for the Lybian and Iraqi
telecommunications Organizations, activated with empty carriers, which
enable also easy spotting of the satellite.

The domestic Educational Channels, University Channels and Channels
reserved for Health issues display a wide range of video material,
throughout the day and early evening.

* On Thursday evening there has been a major change between the
transponder, in order to enable to have the 1stNEt/ART bouquet loaded
from the Horizontal polarization.

Find here the latest actual line-up (2 tp V, 6 tp H):
(+ 2 empty carriers V)

MPEG-2/If not stated otherwise all channels are clear

The SQ for tp 2 & tp  6 >135, tp  3 >105, tp 7 >115
The SQ for tp 9 & tp 19 >120, tp 15 & 17 >130

tp 2, 11,746.66 V, NID 2048, TID 1, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, EDUCATIONAL TV,

1001/1201/8191/101	EDUC 1	Video Playout:	General education
1002/1202/8191/102	EDUC 2	Video Playout:	Visionary education
1003/1203/8191/103	EDUC 3	Video Playout:	Arabic teachings
1004/1204/8191/104	EDUC 4	Video Playout:	Technical schooling
1005/1205/8191/105	EDUC 5	Video Playout:	Language classes
1006/1206/8191/106	EDUC 6	Video Playout:	Literacy schooling
1007/1207/8191/107	EDUC 7	Video Playout:	Art classes

tp 3, 11,765.84 H, NID 2048, TID 5, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DOMESTIC TV, IDs:

1001/1201/8191/501	Channel 1	ERTU 1
1002/1202/8191/502	Channel 2	ERTU 2
1003/1203/8191/503	ESC2	Egyptian Space Channel Two
1004/1204/8191/504	Test	Purple screen/no audio
1005/1205/8191/505	Nile TV	Nile TV
1006/1206/8191/506	Test	Green screen/no audio
1007/1207/8191/507	Test	Philips card/no audio
1008/1208/8191/508	Test	Philips card/no audio
tp 6, 11,823.38 V, NID 2048, TID 2, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, EDUCATION TV,

1001/1201/8191/201	UNIV 1	Science Video Playout
1002/1202/8191/202	UNIV 2	Science Video Playout
1003/1203/8191/203	UNIV 3	Science Video Playout
1004/1204/8191/204	HEALTH 1	Imhotep Channel Video Playout
1005/1205/8191/205	HEALTH 2	Horus Vision Video Playout
1006/1206/8191/206	OMAN	Oman TV
1007/1207/8191/207	BAHRIN	Bahrain TV

Comment: BAHRIN is written with spelling mistake, should be: BAHRAIN

tp 7, 11.919.28 H, NID 2048, TID 6, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DOMESTIC-TV, IDs:

1001/1201/8191/601	Channel 8	ERTU Domestic Channel 8
1002/1202/8191/602	News	ERTU News Channel: Logo Orange
1003/1203/8191/603	Family	ERTU Family Channel: Logo Pink
1004/1204/8191/604	Varities	ERTU Variety Channel: Logo Red
1005/1205/8191/605	NDC	Nile Drama Channel: Logo Blue
1006/1206/8191/606	Sport	ERTU Sports Channel: Logo Green
1007/1207/8191/607	Culture	ERTU Culture Channel: Logo Yellow
1008/1208/8191/608	Test	[Spare] Black screen/no audio  

tp 8, 11,862.00 V, EMPTY CARRIER: Future TV Channels

tp 9, 11,880.92 H, NID 2048, TID 7, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, 1stNET, IDs:

3004/3005/3021/701	TNT	TNT/Cartoon (encr)
3014/3015/3021/702	LBC	LBC Plus (encr)
3024/3025/3021/703	NDC	Nile Drama Channel (encr)
3034/3035/3021/704	ESC 2	Egyptian Space Channel Two (encr)
3042/3043/3021/705	RTT	RTT Tunesia (TV 7) (clear)
3052/3053/3021/706	MBC	MBC London (clear)
3062/3063/3021/707	TFC	The Filipino Channel (clear)
3074/3075/3021/708	MNE	M-Net East (encr)

tp 14, 11,977.00 V, EMPTY CARRIER: Future TV Channels

tp 15, 11,996.00 H, NID 2048, TID 3, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, SHOWTIME, IDs:

3004/3005/3051/301	TMC	The Movie Channel (encr)
3014/3015/3051/302	N/P	Nickelodeon/Paramount Channel (encr)
3024/3025/3051/303	TVL	TV-Land (encr)
3034/3025/3051/304	MTV	MTV Europe (encr)
3044/3045/3051/305	VH-1	VH-1 UK (encr)
3054/3055/3051/306	BTV	Bloomberg Information TV UK (encr)

tp 17, 12.034.00 H, NID 2048, TID 4, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, SHOWTIME, IDs:

3004/3005/3041/401	STY	Style Channel (encr)
3014/3015/3041/402	DISC	Discovery (encr)
3024/3025/3041/403	SET	Sony Entertainment TV (encr)
3032/3033/3041/404	FUT	Hallmark Network Promo (clear)
3042/3043/3041/405	ONTV	Showtime Preview Channel (clear)

tp 19, 12,072.72 H, NID 2048, TID 8, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, 1stNET, IDs:

3004/3005/3091/801	ART 1	ART 1 Family (encr)
3014/3015/3091/802	ART 2	ART 2 Sports (encr)
3024/3025/3091/803	ART 3	ART 3 Children (encr)
3034/3035/3091/804	ART 4	ART 4 Movies (encr)
3044/3045/3091/805	ART 5	ART 5 Music (encr)
3054/3055/3091/806	AL-M	Al Ma'aref (encr)
3064/3065/3091/807	ART	ART World Cup Channel(encr)
3072/3073/3091/808	OPEN	ART Open Channel (clear)
----/3092/----/809	RCH 1	Radio Channel One (clear)

Comment: The radio channel gets loaded correctly in the radio channel

SME Comment: Surprisingly there are two Nile Drama Channels and two
ESC-2 channels, one of each clear, and one encrypted inside a Pay-TV
package. Therefore is the (generally clear) ESC-1 channel completely
absent, as well as the expected Domestiv TV channels 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
Also the feed for the "Showtime Egypt" UHF package is not yet uplinked.

All testcards from the channels with the name "Test" have been replaced
by black screens/no audio. All PIDs reamain set.

* On this satellite and Panamsat 4, started in the SHOWTIME package
Wednesday the Hallmark Network. The start is announced on all other
channels of the network. The Hallmark Network can be seen at present
time in the clear, a Showtime smart card does not have to be inserted to
see the channel.

SME Comment: Strangely enough all transmissions have been with Polish
voice-over dubbing in the first few hours of transmission. I suspect
strongly a mix-up in the feed transmission, while on the same day on
ASTRA transponder 95, on 12,304 H the Hallmark Polska has started,
however encrypted in Cryptoworks. 

* Transponder 16, 12.015 V, has been throughout the week been an empty
carrier activated. It has been removed during last night transponder
changes and replced by a carrier on transponder 8, 11,862 V, another
empty carrier can still be found on transponder 14, 11.977 V.

* Reception is perfect with a 310 cm dish in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
The reception SQ on Nokia Mediamaster is 85 for vertical and 65 for
horizontal signal.

* Reception is strong with a 370 cm dish in Ostersund, Sweden.
The horizontal transponders are slightly weaker then the vertical.
SQ on vertical transponders: 100
SQ on horizontal transponders: 50-65, but 11,766 GHz, H, only 42.

* Reception here on the Nokia Mediamaster is SQ 50-60, with a 140 cm,
(D Roussos on CORFU, GREECE)

* Reception for vertical tps is SQ 70-75 on the Nokia Mediamaster, for
horizontal the SQ is 50-55. The signal is better signal than last night,
probably because of weather changes. I have a 140 cm dish.
(D Roussos in CORFU, GREECE)

* Reception 100 Km south of Berlin only of vertical polarization, with a
126 cm off-set dish. Nokia Mediamster SQ still 68-74; horizontal around
SQ 40 only, no receivable Audio/Video.
The empty carriers can be seen also, but only with treshold, free of
sparks. (Thomas Krampe, SOUTH OF BERLIN, GERMANY)

* With my 126 cm offset dish, it is possible to receive the vertical
The SQ is 68-78 under good reception conditions. The horizontal
transponder are much weaker. I can get they only during the afternoon
with a Nokia Mediamaster SQ around 40 (unstable). The rest of the day
they are at least noticeable.

* I can receive here in Copenhagen, Denmark with 100 cm dish all the
vertical transponders from Nilesat 101 incuding all the MPEG-2 channels
on 11747 GHz V ,11823 GHz V, 11900 GHz V, and also some empty carriers
on 11977 GHz V.
I also tried the horisontal transponders but no luck so far.
The Nokia Mediamaster SQ is arround 50-60, but in the evening I come
over 65.
(1 meter Triax Dish - 0,7 DB Cambridge LNB - Nokia Mediamaster 9610[TN

* The Nokia Medimaster SQ is generally 70-95 on all transponder with a
180 cm dish and about 75-100 with a 240 cm dish.
The signal quality with an oval 125x140 cm dish is very poor.
(F Rotsikas in KASTORIA, GREECE)

* I can get all the vertical transponder with Nokia Mediamaster SQ 65
and a dish of 180 cm. This is just enough to get a perfect digital
picture. At the moment the Nokia will not lock on any horizontal tps, as
they appear much weaker.

* Surprisingly, signals from Nilesat are reaching the UK. Signal lockup
on most tranponders. (except 11.766 H) with pictures liable to break up
or disappear. Best signal at 12-13h UTC, with 80cm dish, about 40km SW
of London. Not bad, considering I'm about 1000 miles outside the
intended footprint.

* Nilesat has been getting stronger throughout the day. The channels on
11.747 GHz V, 11.823 GHz V and 11.900 GHz V are perfect. The others are
still liable to break up, 80cm dish, 0.7dB LNB, Nokia Mediamaster 9500S,
SW of London.

* Nokia Mediamaster SQ 47-55 on 11,747 GHz V, 11,823 GHz V and 11,900
GHz V, with the tendency of freezing the pictures fairly often. I use a
120 cm dish.

* The Nokia Mediamaster SQ has improved just a little bit compared to
yesterday  evening - now: SQ 60-66, with a 120 cm dish.

* I recieve with my 100 cm Triax offset dish these tps: 11,747 GHz, V,
11,823 GHz V and 11,900 GHz V.

* I am receiving Nilesat with my flat antenna 35x38m, LNB is 1.0dB.
Horizontal polarity is very good but vertical polarity sometimes gives
slashes. The receiver is a Eurotelecom.
I am also receiving it with PC satellite card DVB MPEG2 from 55cm
signal. It is very good, no problems at all.

* I get little signal of the Nilesat, only 33% signal, with a 85 cm

* Near FRANKFURT/MAIN, GERMANY: 53 channels with a 150 cm dish. 
From MANNHEIM, GERMANY reports of a few more channels with a 180 cm

* Norbert Schlammer, a 360 cm mesh-dish owner in BERLIN, GERMANY reports
to receive only 22 channels and a radio channel. He receives also both
empty carriers on 11.977 GHz, and 12.015 GHz V. A solid 180 cm dish on
the same location was more succesfull, several bouquets could be

* Mr. Walz from SOUTHERN GERMANY receives 2 packages with a 90 cm dish
although only in the vertical polarization. mit 90cm 

* The Nokia Mediamaster SQ on vertical transponder: 65-80, except on
11,900 GHz,  V: SQ 80-90. The SQ on horizontal transponder: 45-65,
except on 11,766 GHz, H: SQ 40-45, some undesirable blocks are visible
on the channels on this transponder. I use a 175 cm dish.

* A Nokia Mediamaster SQ of around 75-80, all channels without any
problems, using a 180 cm dish.

* The reception is in the Vertical good, horizontal very bad, but there
is signal available. I use a 150 cm dish, with an 0.7 dB LNB)

INTELSAT 605, 27.5 West, http://www.satcodx.com/i605.shtml
* GEMS Int. TV 1/2 and Claravision have left 4,135 L and are now on
Intelsat 806.

* The MPEG-2/PowerVu package on 3,924 R has left Intelsat 605 and is now
only on Intelsat 806.

PANAMSAT 3R, 43 West, http://www.satcodx.com/pas3r.shtml
* The CCTV package on 4,147 V is NOT bilingual as mentioned in last
weeks report.

* CCTV has changed all there on screen logos and changed timing of their
broadcast and programming contents. It seems to me that they want to
look a little more progressive... It has changed on all satellites I can

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* This week it was brought to my attention that the Q&A service of
SAT-MidEast "ASK-ME" is illegally re-distributed, without namong sources
or the sponsors of the service TELE-satellite. This cannot and will not
be tolerated, ever. Legal advice has been sought, and forthcoming
actions are in progress.

Fortunately is, due to the help of a reader of this mailing, the origine
of the source known, it is Sri Lanka. I will not go so far and humiliate
him/her to make his/her name public, but he/she knows who he/she is, I
think that should be enough in this news letter.

Best regards,

Henk C. Room / Cairo - Egypt
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