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* Aerospatiale has delivered the ARD (Atmospheric Reentry Demonstrator)
to the European Space Agency (ESA). ARD will demonstrate the
technologies and techniques required for atmospheric reentry. The 2.8
metric ton spacecraft will be launched by Ariane 5 on its third flight
(Ariane 503) in October.

ARD represents a fundamental step for Europe in the field of space
transportation. As Europes first guided and controlled atmospheric
reentry vehicle, the ARD will validate many indispensable techniques and
technologies for future spacecraft: precision and accuracy of
aerothermodynamic models performance of the thermal protections
performance and robustness of the software for navigation, guidance and
control behaviour of the parachute braking system, and mastery of
splash-down and recovery

The ARD is a spheroid-conical shaped capsule about 2 meters high and 2.8
meters in diameter. Placed in the top position under the fairing, it
will be injected into a suborbital trajectory after the extinction of
the main cryogenic stage (EPC), and will culminate at an altitude of 830
Km. After an hour and twenty minutes ballistic flight, it will begin its
reentry into the atmosphere at a speed of 27130 Km/hour. Its
GPS-assisted guidance and control system will limit deceleration to 3.5
g, while ensuring an impact precision of about 5 Km. During this phase,
the temperature of the heat shield will rise to 2000 Celsius.

Deployed after the transsonic phase at 14 Km altitude, the parachute
braking system will permit a soft splash-down (20 Km/hour) in the
Pacific Ocean where the vehicle will be recovered after its position has
been indicated by a SARSAT beacon.

During the entire flight sequence more than 200 measures of pressure
temperature, vibrations, etc. will be recorded and simultaneously
transmitted to ground stations. This data will be precious for the
development of future European spacecraft, such as reusable launch

Because of its mastery of the technologies involved in atmospheric
reentry, its competence for designing system architecture and its
experience in the technical management of major space programs,
Aerospatiale Espace & Defense was able to develop and produce the ARD in
a short time period. The European industrial team is composed of ALENIA
(Italy), SABCA, SONACA, ETCA and TRASYS (Belgium), MMS (France) and DASA
(SME, source: Aerospatiale PR)

* Arabsat, the satellite operator owned by 21 Arab governments, is
considering opening its doors to private investors, its chairman Mohamad
Saad al-Shahri was quoted as saying.

"Involvement of the private sector is our strategic target which will
serve this establishment and the Arab world in the field of satellite
telecommunications," al-Shahri said in an interview. "We are discussing
that in the general assembly and will ask for preparation of a study
after we have the green light from the assembly.

"We expect to complete the study and members of Arabsat to make a
decision on the study and the plan it proposes by the end of this year."
He pointed out that "Telecommunications require strong partners. This
sector needs a lot of capital and Arabsat cannot handle giant projects

Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri addressed the Arabsat general
assembly, currently meeting in Beirut. He said that "Arabsat will not be
able to continue its operations unless it acquires stronger competitive
abilities and that will be either through increasing governments'
investments or through the participation of the private sector."
(SME, source: Peter C. Klanowski)

* The Orbit Satellite Television and Radio Network recently celebrated
its fourth anniversary and navigates into its fifth year of broadcast.
Orbit, first broadcaster to introduce digital television channels in the
Arab world, has flourished by investing in Western programming as well
as in Arabic language production.

During these four years on-air, Orbit fostered its long-term
partnerships with the leading entertainment providers and expanded the
Orbit Production centers in Beirut, Cairo and Kuwait which produce over
one hundred hours of new local programming each month.  A combination of
simple competitive pricing, effective marketing and unprecedented
channel choice make Orbit a fast-growing new entertainment service in
the Middle East.

Turning points within the Arab broadcasting industry include the
dazzling Orbit Festival of Arabic Song with millions of television
viewers and a live audience of thousands, arriving from a number of
different Arab countries.

In recognition of broadcasting excellence, the Academy of Television
Arts & Sciences invited Orbit to host the International Emmy Preliminary
Judging at the Orbit facilities in Rome.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's award-winning theatrical releases arriving to the 
Middle East through Orbit include: Tomorrow Never Dies, Golden Eye, and
the  James Bond series of films; the Rocky series of films, Rain Man,
Thelma & Louise, Terminator and Silence Of The Lambs to name a few.

Worldvision Enterprises Inc. grants Orbit exclusive access to over 1,000 
hours of Worldvision s library, including series Beverly Hills 90210, 
Melrose Place and Sunset Beach which air concurrent with the U.S.

E! Entertainment Television's provides virtually all of its programming
to Orbit. Brand-new series from the capital of entertainment such as
Model TV, Mysteries and Scandals, E! Uncut, Fashion Emergency, E! 
Gossip Weekend,  Arts & Minds,  Celebrity Profile, Talk Soup plus a
myriad of live concerts and cultural programmes are also for broadcast
on The Hollywood Channel.

Orbit has introduced ground-breaking series and shows which continue to
make headlines across the Arab world. The award winning live nightly
talk show Ala Al Hawa, broadcast exclusively on Orbit s Arabic
entertainment channel, Al Thania has featured guests such as Israeli
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Libya s Colonel Qaddafi, Palestinian
President Yasser Arafat and Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. The
history of television production and broadcast in the Middle East is
imprinted with Orbit s unique achievements.
(SME, source: Orbit PR)

* Palestinian media sources are quoted to report that the Palestinian
Information Department is currently putting the final touches to the
Palestinian satellite channel studios. 
The sources said the new channel will be manned by a staff trained in
France, Germany, and Egypt. They expected transmission to begin within
the next few days.
(SME, the TVRO Source)

SME Comment:  The name and location of the distributing satellite could
not be detected, it could be either Amos 1, Arabsat 2B, or even the new
Nilesat 101. SAT-Mideast will closely monitor the forthcoming of this
project and report eventually.

* In the past the PBO (Palestinian Broadcasting Organization) has
frequently used capacities on the Amos 1 satellite at 4 West for live
feeds. In how far this Israeli owned satellite could be used for regular
transmissions is unknown, but it can hardly be seen as a target of the

The PBO has already a terrestrial service since almost two years and can
be reached under P.B.O.: Ramalla, Tel: +972 (50) 406 572.

* Out of the SAT-MidEast Archives 97.08.08:
The Israeli Broadcast Authority (IBA) has refused government suggestions
to jam Palestinian radio and TV broadcasts. Motti Kirschenbaum, IBA
director, was quoted as saying he had to mind his own business and keep
out of those of other broadcasters. 

The Israeli government claimed Palestinian media outlets were promoting
terrorist activities. According to the government, the IBA is in
possession of jamming equipment.

LAUNCH INFORMATION, http://www.satcodx.com/launches.shtml
* In regards to the disturbing accident last week in Cannes, sources
close to Aerospatiale report that the Eutelsat 3-f1 (W1) was undergoing
final tests when a minor fire broke out.

The cause for the fire was that one of the antennas, being tested at
maximum power, was directly pointing towards a wall covered in carbon
foam. Owing to the high RF power released the foam quickly overheated
and started burning. The rest is history: W1 was surrounded by flames
and got a refreshing shower from the activated sprinkler system. Around
60 fireman have been called to the site, a small number of Aerospatial
staff had to be ambulant treated in a nearby hospital, as a result of
the inhalation of toxic fumes and smoke .

The first information released just after the accident was very
pessimistic, but it seems now that the satellite will be ready as
scheduled or only slightly delayed. The satellite needs some more
drying, some extensive cleansing and a new antenna system. This is
likely to have an impact on some other satellite projects less important
than Eutelsat W1, which in course might be slightly delayed.
(SME, source: Peter C. Klanowski)

* Arianespace has rescheduled the launch of V109 (L479) with an Ariane
44L for Eutelsat 3-f1 (W1) & Sirius 3 now early August, the initial date
was July 10th.

* The launch of Ariane V110 will take place on 25 August, but it is
uncertain what passenger will be aboard. Panamsat reports production
delays of the initial scheduled PAS-7 and prefers actually to launch the
PAS-6B as an in-orbit replacement for the defunctional PAS-6. The PAS-7
should then be launched the end of December/early January for a slot at
68.5 East.

* The Asiasat Organization announced that due to the weak financial 
perspectives in the Far East, the launch of Asiasat 4 is delayed at
least until year 2000, it could even be 2001.

* Eutelsat-D announced that the correct name of Eutelsat's new satellite
at 29 East should be "Europesat 1B". We have to take that for a fact !
(SME, source: Eutelsat)

SME Comment: Hmmm... Preparing for an in-court battle ? Make people
really believe that Hot Bird 4 was the Europesat-1 ? Hmmm... I'm all for
Eutelsat, one of it's greatest promotors, - evangelist - if you may say
so, but in this case: it's good that I'm not a lawyer. Hmmm...

ASIASAT 1, 105.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/asia1.shtml
* Sky News has started on 3,780 V, MPEG-2/encrypted, PIDs 521/676.

ASIASAT 2, 100.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/asia2.shtml
* Hallmark Network and KIBC-TV on 3,940 V are still in clear.

* Star News on 3,740 V transfer to digital services on 30 May, according
to on-screen messages.

PANAMSAT 4, 68.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/pas4.shtml
* The MPEG-2 ART feed on 11,521 H has moved to 11,524 V, now on the
Europe spotbeam instead of the Middle Eastern spotbeam.

* The CCTV MPEG-2 package on 3,716 H is now bilingual, with additional
English audio on APID 1122, 1222 and 1322.

* The Showtime network displays still the Hallmark promotional videos,
start of the regular programming is to be at the end of the month.

SME Comment: More interesting is that the Showtime Network now offically
has leased two transponders on Nilesat 100, at 7 West, for a dual
illumination of the Showtime Bouquet. As 1stNet (ART) has done the same:
finally the Big Brothers are together again. Now it has to be seen if
Stepmother Orbit also finds a jackpot and puts on a FTA test package in
MPEG-2 to enlighten the star of the Middle East. Wouldn't that be nice ?

TURKSAT 1C, 42 East, http://www.satcodx.com/turk1c.shtml
* Nickelodeon Turkey and The Discovery Channel Turkey on 11,664 V are
now in MPEG-2/clear.

ARABSAT 2A, 26 East, http://www.satcodx.com/arab2a.shtml
* French language television service TV5 has officially announced the
end of its test service on this satellite on May 27 and started May 28th
with the official broadcasts. TV5 Orient began trial transmissions in
French, English and Arabic on Arabsat last January.

* Voice of the Kingdom 2 is on Saudi Channel 2 on 12,536 V, 7,20 MHz.
Voice of the Kingdom 1 is on Saudi Channel 1 on 12,661 V, 7,20 MHz.
Voice of the Holy Quraan is on Saudi Channel 1 on 12,661 V, 7,80 MHz.
(SME, source: Mohamed El-Nadi)

ASTRA 1G, 19.2 East, http://www.satcodx.com/astra1g.shtml
* TVBS Europe on 11,837 H has been in clear for a few days.

* New IDs for Radio Nederland MPEG-2/clear on 12,574 H:
	APID 651: RNW1 - European version
	APID 671: RNW2 - External version

* On 12,692 V became Austrian Travel Channel TW1 receivable in the
Levante. Reception data: MPEG-2/clear, SR 22000, FEC 5/6, PIDs 166/167.
All other Austrian Radio & TV channels in this package are encrypted.

EUTELSAT II-f1, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/e2f1.shtml
* Fashion TV has left 11,055 H, PAL/clear, on the superbeam, and has
been replaced by an Usingen E/S test card.

HOT BIRD 1, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb1.shtml
* RAI International on 11,464 V, MPEG-2 is now in clear.

HOT BIRD 2, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb2.shtml
* Italian broadcaster RAI has started testing on transponder 52, 11,766
V, MPEG-2/clear, SR 27500, FEC 2/3, and line-up:
512/650: RAI 16:9	4:3 test card blown-up to 16:9 (awkward) 
Audio: RAI Uno 
514/652: TESTRAI	test card with audio of Telepace

Initial carrier tests could already be observed two days earlier in the
morning and afternoon.

* In the RAI MPEG-2 package on transponder 54, 11.804 V, widebeam, have
RAI Uno, RAI Due, RAI Tre, RAISat 1, RAISat 2, and RAISat 3 started to
transmit detailed EPG information on 27 May.

HOT BIRD 3, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb3.shtml
* Quantum 24 on the Eutelsat/BT/Easynet digital platform on 12,188 V has
now audio in German (left) & English (right) on APID 201.

SME Comment: This is one of the strangest and poorly maintained bouquets
of which Eutelsat has put its name under, I can hardly imagine that it
will stay on air like this. It is a bad example of an otherwise
promotable concept.

* The Polish TPSA-Optocomp test channel on 12,322 H, has expanded to a
real Polish Digital Platform and got a few times new parameter during
this week. Here the actual line-up:  MPEG-2/clear, SR 27500, FEC 2/3,

 512/ 650:	Tpsa-Optocomp	TPsa Promo
 515/ 680:	RTL 7 (test)	RTL 7
2816/2817:	TVN (test)	TVN Polnoc
2945/2944:	Fashion	Fashion TV      

* The Shalom was seen already one day before the official start on
transponder 84, in the FT Globecast bouiquet, on 12.380 V, PIDS
3022/3032 with a congratulations video from 22:30-23:00 CET, as
previously seen during the initial tests a few weeks ago.

The official start of the Shalom Channel was on Monday at 22:30-24:00

* Radio Amistad has ceased on 12,380 V as well as terrestrial in
Barcelona. It was a "pirate station" and was not supplied with proper

* ORT also on transponder 84, 12.380 V, 27500, 3/4, FT Globecast, with
PIDs 3025/3035, changed Monday from a black screen/no audio to
colorbars/no audio.

Tuesday evening the colorbars test card changed to a blue-band one, with
an audio wave, in a pulsing mode. ORT became encrypted on Wednesday
afternoon, most probably just prior to the official start of the

HOT BIRD 4, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb4.shtml
* Shopping channel Quantum 24 on transponder 121, 10.930 GHz, H,
PAL/clear, will be available from the same transponder in MPEG-2/clear
from July '98 with following data: Freq 10.916 GHz, H, SR 4000, FEC 1/2.
The PAL transmission will be continued, most probably from a frequency a
few Hz higher.

SME Comment: it has to be seen if there eventual will be a change in
coverage. The transponder 121 is still only very poor receivable off the
superbeam. I can hardly imagine why ? The same transmission can be seen
on widebeam in MPEG-2, so it cannot be a matter of copyrights, and on
these powerfull Hot Birds can it hardly be the matter of as few dbW more
EIRP in the beam center. So why ? Hmmm, I feel the answer in the
pipeline: because the clients wishes to do so. Right !

* Eutelsat Skyplex test transponder 110, 10.719 V, widebeam, returned
this Monday in its previous mode after being "used" last weekend for
other "data ?" transmsission purposes, but it had to be reloaded
completely with new multiplex data.

For most of the week this seting was actual (just for your info, it
changes freqeuntly):

256/258/3	Balard 3	Eutelsat Promo
516/654/11	Roma 6	RAI Uno
518/656/12	Roma 7	RAI Due
8191/8191/-	Balard 1	Black Screen/No Audio
8191/8191/61	IP/DATA PIPING/DVB	Data Transmission
8191/8191/62	IP/MPE/DVB	Data Transmission

SME Comment: Balard is the street name of the Eutelsat HQ in Paris: Rue
Make an appointment and take the Grand-Tour: MMe VoC will be delighted
to see, meet and greet you (if you're a press agent, right !)

* The Eutelsat/Telespazio digital platform on transponder 98, 12.673 V,
widebeam, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, was slightly amended:

 200/ 201:	Thaicom	Thai TV5 Global Network
 210/ 211:	Hot Bird Channel	Hot Bird Channel
8191/8191:	out dig.tv 1 xpd 98	Data Transmission
8191/8191:	out dig.tv 2 xpd 98	Data Transmission
8191/8191:	Internet data 1	Data Transmission

HOT BIRD 5, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/launches.shtml
* Deutsche Welle TV has signed an lease for transponder 132 on this
satellite. It will use the same frequency as presently on Eutelsat
II-f1, transponder 27, 11.163 GHz, V, only with a bandwidth of 27 MHz,
instead of the presently used 32 MHz.
(SME, source Eutelsat-D)

SME Comment: Great, I don't have to fiddle and change my dials. But (why
is there always a but ? Why do I ask questions ? Why am I here anyway ?) 

Until now I have been under the impression that on Hot Bird 5 two
transponder with a 72 MHz bandwidth were present and these have been
numbered 131 and 132.

So if DW-TV uses 27 MHz of the lower part of transponder 132, what
happens with the other (at least) 40 MHz ? Or is just my initial info
wrong and is transponder 132 only 33 MHz wide ? Hmmm, why always these
problems, the new Eutelsat Website doesn't help me either: transponder
middle frequencies are only published including Hot Bird 4... HELP !

EUTELSAT II-f2, 10 East, http://www.satcodx.com/e2f2.shtml
* TMT - Troche Mlodsza TV (Poland) has started regular transmissions on
12,576 V, MPEG-2/clear.

* Bloomberg Information TV has announced to start with the German
Version of its programming on July 14th 1998, on Astra 1A, transponder
11, 11,362 H, with live German transmissions from 06:00-23:00 CET. The
seven night hours will be filled with the UK version.

I'm mentioning this only here while the test version of this programming
can be seen on transponder 37, 11,575  V, MPEG-2/clear, SR 27500, FEC
3/4, PIDs 1460/1420.

AMOS 1, 4 West, http://www.satcodx.com/amos1.shtml
* It seems that the stereo audio on Israel Channel 2 DID appear on May
20th, it was just me not clever enough to find it <grgr>:

Israel Channel 2 on transponder 5U, 11.598 GHz, V, has started in stereo
on 7.38:7.92 MHz and two mono signals on 6.60 and 7.02 MHz. The 7.56 and
7.74 MHz frequencies are empty.
(SME, source: Mohamed El Nadi)

NILESAT 101, 7 West, http://www.satcodx.com/nile101.shtml
Since Tuesday evening very little activities on Nilesat 101 all
transponder with very low basic emitence. In-orbit testing has been

Late Thursday afternoon brief broadcasting tests could be observed
MPEG-2 on transponder 3, 11,766 H. 8 Egyptian channels could be seen,
whereunder ESC1, Nile TV, etc., but the uplink experienced some
technical problems, which made pictures are coming and going.

The miraculous thing was that this observation was made in Ostersund,
Sweden, further reports were received from Germany, I missed out on it.
<grgr> (Thank you very much for this sighting B.Wall !)

Earlier this week very strong test carrier on 11,900 V could be seen by
the same DX'r in Sweden with a 3,7 m dish, without any sparklies on the
empty carrier. More sightings of this carrier came from Abu Dhabi,
Muscat, UK, Holland, Germany, and Slovenia !

* Showtime Network now offically has leased two transponders on Nilesat
101, at 7 West, for a dual illumination of the Showtime Bouquet. As
1stNet (ART) has done the same: finally the Big Brothers are together

Finally after this vewry long introduction: the Nilesat is operational,
and how ! Eight transponder have been activated on May 29th, 18:00 CET,
19:00 local time

All transmissions MPEG-2/if not stated otherwise all channels are clear
The SQ is on all transponder is >130, exept tp 17 = >140

Here for the interested all required reception data (and much more):

tp 2, 11,746.66 V, NID 2048, TID 1, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DOMESTIC PAY-TV,

1001/1201/8191/101	NVOD 1	Showtime Egypt Video
1002/1202/8191/102	NVOD 2	Video Studio Egypt
1003/1203/8191/103	NVOD 3	Video Studio Egypt
1004/1204/8191/104	NVOD 4	Video Studio Egypt
1005/1205/8191/105	NVOD 5	Video Studio Egypt
1006/1206/8191/106	NVOD 6	Video Studio Egypt
1007/1207/8191/107	NVOD 7	Showtime ONTV (clear)

Comment: NVOD = Near Video on Demand

tp 3, 11,765.84 H, NID 2048, TID 5, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DOMESTIC TV, IDs:

1001/1201/8191/501	Channel 1	Egyptian National TV One *
1002/1202/8191/502	Channel 2	Egyptian National TV Two *
1003/1203/8191/503	ESC2	Egyptian Space Channel Two *
1004/1204/8191/504	test	Test card/no audio
1005/1205/8191/505	Nile TV	Nile TV *
1006/1206/8191/506	test	Test card/no audio
1007/1207/8191/507	test	Test card/no audio
1008/1208/8191/508	test	Test card/no audio
Comment: * = audio only right channel

tp 6, 11,823.38 V, NID 2048, TID 2, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DOMESTIC PAY-TV,

1001/1201/8191/201	NVOD 8	Video Studio Egypt
1002/1202/8191/202	TRAD 1	MTV Video *
1003/1203/8191/203	TRAD 2	MTV Video *
1004/1204/8191/204	Delay 1	MTV Video *
1005/1205/8191/205	Delay 2	MTV Video *
1006/1206/8191/206	TVRO 1	Jamahirya Satellite Channel, Lybia (poor)
1007/1207/8191/207	TVRO 2	MTV India (very poor)

Comment: * = all MTV video are different

tp 7, 11,842.50 H, NID 2048, TID 7, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, 1stNET, IDs:

3004/3005/3021/701	TNT	TNT/Cartoon (encr)
3014/3015/3021/702	LBC	LBC Plus (encr)
3024/3025/3021/703	NDC	Nile Drama Channel (encr)
3034/3035/3021/704	ESC 2	Egyptian Space Channel Two (encr)
3042/3043/3021/705	RTT	RTT Tunesia (TV 7) (clear)
3052/3053/3021/706	MBC	MBC London (clear)
3062/3063/3021/707	TFC	The Filipino Channel (clear)
3074/3075/3021/708	MNE	M-Net East (encr)

tp 10, 11,900.10 V, NID 2048, TID 8, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, 1stNET, IDs:

3004/3005/3091/801	ART 1	ART 1 Family (encr)
3014/3015/3091/802	ART 2	ART 2 Sports (encr)
3024/3025/3091/803	ART 3	ART 3 Children (encr)
3034/3035/3091/804	ART 4	ART 4 Movies (encr)
3044/3045/3091/805	ART 5	ART 5 Music (encr)
3054/3055/3091/806	AL-M	Al Ma'aref (encr)
3064/3065/3091/807	ART	ART World Cup (encr)
3072/3073/3091/808	OPEN	ART Open Channel (clear)
----/3074/----/809	RCH 1	Radio Channel One (clear)

Comment: The radio channel gets loaded correctly in the radio channel

tp 11, 11.919.28 H, NID 2048, TID 6, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, DOMESTIC-TV,

1001/1201/8191/601	Channel 8	Domestic TV Channel 8 (poor) *
1002/1202/8191/602	News	Test card/no audio
1003/1203/8191/603	Family	Test card/no audio
1004/1204/8191/604	Varities	Test card/no audio
1005/1205/8191/605	NDC	Nile Drama Channel (clear) *
1006/1206/8191/606	Sport	Test card/no audio
1007/1207/8191/607	Culture	Test card/no audio
1008/1208/8191/608	test	Test card/no audio

Comment: * = audio only right channel

tp 15, 11,996.00 H, NID 2048, TID 3, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, SHOWTIME, IDs:

3004/3005/3051/301	TMC	The Movie Channel (encr)
3014/3015/3051/302	N/P	Nickelodeon/Paramount Channel (encr)
3024/3025/3051/303	TVL	TV-Land (encr)
3034/3025/3051/304	MTV	MTV Europe (encr)
3044/3045/3051/305	VH-1	VH-1 UK (encr)
3054/3055/3051/306	BTV	Bloomberg Information TV UK (encr)

tp 17, 12.034.00 H, NID 2048, TID 4, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, SHOWTIME, IDs:

3004/3005/3041/401	STY	Style Channel (encr)
3014/3015/3041/402	DISC	Discovery (encr)
3024/3025/3041/403	SET	Sony Entertainment TV (encr)
3032/3033/3041/404	FUT	Hallmark Network Promo (clear)
3042/3043/3041/405	ONTV	Showtime Preview Channel (clear)

Comment: all encryption works without problems, smart cards are
recognized and validated.

* On 31 May, Media Day, Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak will
inaugurate Nilesat's ground station at Sixth of October City, signalling
that the satellite is now operational.

Using the digital compression system, the satellite will be equipped to
carry up to 84 television channels and 400 radio stations. Twenty
television channels will be available free of charge, including the new
specialised channels of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU).

These channels will include programmes covering education, culture,
sports, family affairs, children, news shows and entertainment, in
addition to the programmes found on local and satellite channels already
in operation. Some Arab channels from Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Jordan and
Lebanon will also be available without subscription.

Viewers will, however, need to buy a digital integrated receiver/decoder
(IRD) to watch the Egyptian and Arab stations. About 23 channels will be
encrypted, including the 1stNet (ART), Showtime, the second Egyptian
satellite channel and Lebanon's LBC-plus. For these channels, viewers
will need dedicated smartcards and have to pay subscription fees.

 "The start of Nilesat's operation is a cultural step forward that marks
Egypt's entry into the 21st century with great confidence in its media
capabilities," Sherif said. "It also marks Egypt's entry into the age of
space technology as a pioneer state that seeks to affirm its Arab

A second Egyptian satellite, larger than the first, will be ready for
launching in 11 months. It will be equipped to carry as many as 102
television channels as well as 500 radio stations.
(SME, source: Egyptian Press)

SME Comment: A second Nilesat ? Why not ? If Nilesat 101 profitable can
be operated and the second satellite is already manufactered in parts.
The full integration and testing programm will take up to 8-10 month, so
an eventual launch in the beginning of 1999 could be feasable. But one
word of advise: ship the satellite to Kourou and store it there, it
could much easier (and probably cheaper) be integrated in the holes of
Arianespace launch schedules !

But let me count: Nilesat 101 has capacity for 400 radio channels,
Nilesat 102 has place for 500 radio Channels ? That are 900 radio
channels...a lot of channels to LISTEN to, and who is supposed to
broadcast all those stuff ?

INTELSAT 801, 31.5 West, http://www.satcodx.com/i801.shtml
Occasional ITV feeds on 10,998 V and 11,021 V, MPEG-2, SR 6110, FEC 3/4.

PANAMSAT 3R, 43 West, http://www.satcodx.com/pas3r.shtml
The CCTV MPEG-2 package on 3,716 H, is now bilingual, with additional
English audio on APID 1122, 1222 and 1322.

SAT-MIDEAST INTERN, http://www.sat-net.com/sat-mideast/
As nobody has written in to avoid major damage to his/her catalogues of
SAT-MidEast data; as of this issue there are some new rules to be
considered, actual more a COMMON LINGO, to make frequent used data more

- Times are written in CET (UTC+1)
- Programming IDs are written in decimal notation
- Frequencies are considered to be in Hz (GHz/Mhz)
- The notation is  x,xxx (C-Band) or xx,xxx (Ku-Band) or xxx (Audio) 
- Satellite names are the common, non-scientific, descriptions
- Orbital locations are in degrees
_ Polarizations are expressed as:
	H - Horizontal Linear
	V - Vertical Linear
	R - Right Hand Circular
	L - Left Hand Circular

Some frequent used abbreviations:

- MM = NOKIA MediaMaster

- NID = Network IDentification
- TID = Transport Stream IDentification
- PMT = Program Map Table
- SDT = Service Description Table
- SID = Service IDentification
- VPID = Video Program IDentification
- APID = Audio Program IDentification
- PPID = PCR PID = Synchron Program IDentification

- Service = Channel = Programme Data described with VPID, APID, PPID

Best regards,

Henk C. Room / Cairo - Egypt
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