Data-Interface for LT8700

Some days ago you mentioned the rs-232 interface for the Echostar LT 8700.
My Echostar-Service Dealer couldīnot help. Do you meanwhile more about this
Gustavo Sabbato, CH-Luzern

Official we know nothing about the original interface. Some ad says it
should cost about 400 Dutch Guilders. Meanwhile we got for testing a cheaper
version (199 Dutch Guilders).
For this you get the interface, all cables, new Echostar-software for the
receiver (Eprom V 4.0), a handbook and DOS-control software. This software
will be exchanged later by Windows software free of charge. 
Contact: Satellite Supply Point, Scholekster 84, NL-3752NS Spakenburg/the
Netherlands, Phone +31-33 2987 853

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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