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At 13:22 25.09.1996 +0200, you wrote:
>To: drdish@cuci.nl
>Dear sir.
>I have discovered a problem with my satellite receiver,an Echostar LT8700Mac.
>The signal strength on several channels have been dropping steadily throughout
>this summer.
>Channels who were previously almost sparklie free with good picture quality,
>has become much weaker,with a drop in signal strength,and has visually become
>worse with sparklies on the screen.
>It looks like the signal loss is much worse on the high Kuband(11800-12750),
>than on the low Kuband(10700-11700).
>I unplugged the power plug from the receiver and started checking for the
>obvious errors,like dish alignment,loose or broken lnb connections.
>But everything was in perfect order.
>Then,a couple of hours later i reinserted the power plug into the receiver,and
>switched on the system.
>To my surprise almost all channels had improved their signal strength quite
>Channels who had been very weak a couple of hours ago,with lots of sparklies,
>came out much stronger with improved picture quality.
>This lasted about 10-15 minutes,when the signal strength again started to 
>This drop in signal strength is most noticable during fine and sunny weather
>conditions.Believe or not,but during and after heavy rainshowers,the signal
>strength increases quite dramatically on all the Kubands.
>Do you have any experience with this kind of a problem with the Echostar
>By the way,do you have any idea when Multichoice/Nethold will supply their
>private dish subscribers with any information on when they will offer their
>digital package to us?
>I contacted my local Multichoice dealer last spring,and he said that by the
>end of the summer they would start regular digital transmissions for 
>Thank you for a nice show on DrDishTV.
>With regards

Still remember this experience. I believe itīs a moisture problem in the lnb
or in the cable/connector outside. Just disconnect the outside f-connect,
have a look on the inside. If everything is black or grey, cut the cable
until you come to a dry and clean inside. Exchange the f-connector and spend
some money for a "WaterLock". It helpīs! If the problem is not solved, try
to open the lnb carefully and dry it out. Again, use Waterlock.
The MultiChoice package should be available in October in Norway. If not,
please write again and I will inquire.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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