d-box in the Netherland

Q: Is it wise to buy the german d-box for use in the Netherlands? It could
save me around hfl 700,00.
D. v. Haaren, NL-Breda

No problem, if you want to watch the german package. But donīt do it if you
like to receive the MultiChoice package. The free channels will work now,
but if MC does a update the d-box could interprete some information and the
results will be not pleasent.
Donīt buy a box, unless you want to receive your own national package. For
all other receiving purposes the Nokiaīs, Paceīs and Echostars worthless. Be
patient, because I sure we will find some receivers in the near future some
receivers, able to work on SCPC and MCPC. We are testing at this moment two
receivers and one of them will appear in the next issue of TELE-satellite
magazine. For the next show of drdish@tv we will introduce the second one
(Oct.11 from 20:: to 23:00 hours (CET).

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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