Re: Receive Telecom band of Arabsat 2A

At 03:11 09.09.1996 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear sir,
>I live in Kuwait, and my existing equipment are: Echostar LT-530 (can
>accept frequencies in the range from 950 to 1,7950 MHZ), 240 cm-solid
>Taiwanese dish antenna, LNB's for C-band & KU (FSS band) and feed horn.
>My question is: What is the best economical way to receive the channels
>for the new Arabsat 2A (The channels are transmitted in KU Telecom band
>12.500-12.700 MHZ and C band)  with reagrd to the additional equipment
>required to buy (LNB's, feed horn, frequency shifter if required)? Thank
You donīt have to change a lot, since you got allready some kind of Corotor
for c- and ku band. There are still some "old" LNBs on the market, switching
with 0/12 volts between 11 and 12 GHz. Only the display of the IF (in the
Telecom-band) is not correct. Also you could use one OMT with an additional
Telecom-LNB and external switch. In both cases no freqency shifter is involved.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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