Israet & Russian TV in Amstelveen

>Currently I use 120 cm-diameter dish and LNB for C-band, this
>set allows me to receive only Russian ORT channel in 
>Amsterdam, Holland.
>My question is whether it is possible to receive more Russian
>channels without serious upgrade of this system. Additionally,
>I would like to receive also Israeli TV channel. As far as I
>knew, I had to use 3-m dish in a past. May be, some new-launched 
>satellite can help me? If yes - could you be so kind to give
>me frequency and direction?
>Thanks a lot in advance,
Dr. Dish:
A upgrade is needed. In order to receiver some channels on Stationar 12
(40°E) your dish must be steerable. If you like to receive a lot more
russian channels on c-band you have to invest in a larger dish.
In 18 month a very strong russian satellite will be placed on the 16° west
Israel still transmitts via the Intelsat 1° West-position ,but the signal
would be too weak to receivesomething with a "normal" dish in Amstelveen.
The Middle-East beam of AMOS is allready in use, but not receivable in
Europe. The european beam carries just a test pattern and some digital
signals. Itīs not known if KOL Israel will use this band in future.
In this case you must upgrade the set with a corotor to receive c- and ku
band. Only I am afraid that your dish will be too small for proper ku-band
reception. The large shadow of the scalaring will influence the performance
of the dish.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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