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At 16:47 09.09.1996 CET, you wrote:
>I have a list of channels and their frequencies. All the frequencies
>are shown in Ghz. My receiver wants the channel frequency in Mhz. How
>do I convert from Ghz to MHz. 
>Klaus-Dieter Meyer
It depends which LNB is in use and if you can adapt your local oscillator
Is the L.O.F. of the LNB 10 GHz and your receiver is programmed to this
frequency, itīs easy:
Take RAI UNO via HOTBIRD. The frequency is 11.360 GHz and the IF on your
receiver should read 11.360 - 10.000= 1360 MHz.
The same applies if the LNB works with 9.75 GHz and your receiver is
programmed to this.

If you use a 9.75 GHz LNB, but your receiver is fixed on a LOF of 10 GHz,you
must add to the IF  another 250 MHz:

11.360 - 9.750= 1610 MHz
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
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