Intersputnik VIII

>Hi Dr.Dish:
>Here in Romania we are receiving your fine tv-programm with a 2.4m dish and 
>enjoy each show. Who else is able to present today a live show for three 
hours >about satellite tv? Carry on, please.
>Now we got a question:
>Russia plans to deplpoy a complte new serie of satellites. Much stronger 
then >GALS and EXPRESS. Do you have any information on this matter?
>O.S. AV-Studio Bucuresti

The new INTERSPUTNIK-VIII satellites will be in orbit not before the end of 
1988 and stationed at 75E (IOR) and 16W (AOR). In the ku-band they will 
carry 16 transponders with 130 watts and 24 transponders with 42 watts.With 
the possibility of cross strapping between both bands. This means 53 dbW 
(Ku) and 40 dbW (c) in the beamcenter. The satellites are build by an 
international consortium (Daimler-Benz Aerospace, Aerospatiale and SS-Loral)

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