Re: Astra 1E

>Dr Dish,
>I have noticed that Astra 1E is now in orbit and that there is some 
>(presumably R&D test) traffic on it.
>Can you please let me know more;
>What are the frequencies?
>Is the new system MPEG-2?
>Where do decoders come from (i.e. who is making them)?

Just look in TELE-satellite magazine issue 4/96, pages 176 an 177 and you 
see the active (digital) frequencies of ASTRA 1E. PACE, PHILIPS, STRONG, 
ECHOSTAR, WISI, THOMSON and some more are offering now or in the near future 
MPEG-receivers. But not all uplink-standards (NTL or Philips) and all 
data-rates will be accepted by this receivers. They are build for a 
target-market, like Multichoice in South-Afrika and Benelux or Galaxy in 
Australia and Telepiu in Italy. For experiments you should try one of the 
commercial versions, if you are willing to pay the price

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