Q: Looking for equipment to receive HRPT-pictures from NOAA on 1,7 g. Do you 
what we need and where to buy?
F.X.Stock, Lane Cove, Australia

Just around the corner: PCM Electr. Ltd. 6 Hood Street, Collingwood Vic.3066.
First of all you need a small dish (ab. 120cm), the feedhorn for 1,7 GHz and 
a az/el-rotor. Then comes the pre-amp with a gain of 40dB and a noise figure 
of 0,7 dB. To transport the high frequency to the suitable 137 MHz it 
follows the down-converter. Next the demodulation board and the bit and 
frame synchronizer and a personal computer (486DX, 16 Mb and 300 Mb 
available disk-space). A very interesting article on HRPT has been published 
in SATELLITE TIMES, Vol2,no.4 (http://www.growe.net)

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