Re: About drdish tv

>Q: Dear Dr. Dish,
>Do you realize that there is life (and even satellite enthusiasts) beyond 
>Central Europe? 
>Why on earth are you using DFS-II? We cannot see anything on it 
>in southern Finland without a 5-meter dish!
>So move your transmissions to a more widely receivable satellite NOW!
>Pentti Degerstrom
I unterstand your outcry very well, but there is no reason to send your 
e-mail 13 times with the same text. The transponder on DFS-II is the only 
one available to us. Naturally, we would like to reach not only Europe, but 
also the eastern countries and Africa, but how pay´s the fare???? Our 
sponsors -TELE-satellite magazine and Deutsche Telekom AG - do a lot good 
things to us and we happy to be on air with this low budget channel via 
DFS-II. All we get personally is a curry-sausage on the second friday of a 
month. So, if you are still angry with us, just look for a good sponsor, 
advertisments and a financial adviser and we will move to a 
widebeam-transponder on EUTELSAT or additional to c-band on GORIZONT.

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