A feed alert.

It is Friday afternoon in South Australia and I have just sent the first
message to Downunder at Dr.Dish.
A slow start but maybe it will gather momentum. I did not bother to include
what I saw on terrestial TV last night or the fact that the politicians
that form the Australian Government did not know what they were talking
about when they were trying to pass the second reading of the digital
terrestial TV bill. I will get details on all the waffle and put it in
downunder for all to read. They did try to point score by saying that DVB
was better than something else but but they didn't know what. One of them
mentioned HTVD and I thought I would like some of that whatever that is:
then I realised he might be talking about High Definition Television.. I
still want some of that HTVD though. Other words were bandied about such as
bandwidth, resolution, clarity and even PAL and NTSC got a mention.  The
question here is: How can people with absolutely no idea make such
decisions. I think there was another misinformed guy Alan someone or other
that had something to do with the Galaxy Foxtel merger, monopoly? Oh no.
Monotony, thats it. There is a messy licensing scheme out there for the pay
TV providers.

This is a sample of what you could get if you subscribe to Downunder.
Pas 2
3780 V PAL 6.6 mhz sound
Optus test pattern S4 in South Australia.

There is normally an itinerant feed on 3780 V NTSC
Today Friday there are colour bars on 3790 V 6.8 mhz sound.
S5 in Adelaide.
Question... Is Panamsat doing another shuffling routine with its frequencies?

Other activities at the moment are specials on the first anniversary of the
Hong Kong Handover and the rearrangement of the NBC bouquet which is now 4
PAL channels 1&2 are CNBC 3 is National Geographic and NBC combined and 4
is still NBC feeds.
Enjoy your weekend and cheers for now.

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