Pas 2 on a Saturday

On Saturday there was some different activity with the feeds
4166 R and 4195 R being used for feeds on I 702 at 177 deg E
4166 R and 4188 R being used for feeds on I 802 at 174 deg E
Today it is a rugby test from Fiji. on 4166.
Pas 2 has a feed from Tianemen Square of the Clinton visit .
This is for CNN and is on the 4th channel of the chinese bouquet on 3716 V
in NTSC. Just like watching a fishbowl.
CCTV 4 is showing the Clinton visit in the Great Hall Of The People.
CCTV 9 is in english. This seems to work well as when there is a Chinese
series it is subtitled.

Some readers may realise I have a couple of other mail lists which are a
little inactive. I have been looking for a use for Down Under and I have
have a couple of Ideas.
 Ask Bevin Gets used a lot and I do get a lot of questions asked of me.
Some answers I give are not terribly helpful but in the main I think
problems are made clearer. I do tell my subscribers where to go.(To find
the answer.) Also I do have to research some questions and I ask if I have
not replied in a week to contact me again.

 While I am writing I am watching TV.It is 03.25 GMT time for David
Lettermans Friday night show on  The Californian Bouquet on Pas 2.
3901 H V pid 1260 A pid 1220 or else the second channel of the bouquet.

Late breaking news. This is what I will try and use Down Under for. If I
happen to be watching a red hot feed, something that is of high profile
interest I will post it on down under. If you have your computer on and
your mailer running this info could come to you in as little as 30 seconds.
I posted Sat-Australia the other day and it was delivered back to me in 40
seconds. I think that is good service. If I had this up and running the
feeds I am talking about here would have been posted. Without any
embellishment of course. I may use it at the other end of the scale as
well. Terrifically unimportant local news that is common knowledge in
Australia but of  interest to overseas subscribers that like to look at the
regional life of the country. An example. "Channel 9 network had a funny
segment on Hey! Hey!" "Channel 10 Adelaide has the news at 5.00 pm because
that is what the populace wants." "The weather reporters are copying
overseas stations with the introduction of new software for gimmicky
reporting of the weather. They still get it wrong." Tell me what you are
interested in; especially overseas subscribers. Or do you have a better

It is 15.05 local time now and David Letterman has finished. The Late Late
Show with Tom Snyder is on now and I get to watch that until they pull the
plug. Back to colour bars and we move on.

4000 H NTSC The CNN Newsource feeds live on. Today it is a bulldozer
combatting beach erosion after a storm.

Another comment here about VTV.
VTV 4 (Vietnam) has left 3,649 H (PAL), no transmissions
since Monday.
Henk Room decided that was a fair report and I think I would have thought
likewise. As I said in an earlier letter VTV comes on about 0600 GMT and
runs for about 2 hours. It may be only Monday to Friday as well. It is not
always VTV 4 either. I think we all need to learn Vietnamese and find out
what they are really doing here. Maybe they all have a whip around among
the staff and buy more satellite time.(A coin operated Satellite?  1998
Where to look!
Thaicom 3:  http://www.satcodx.com/thai78.shtml
VTV ? (Vietnam) 3,649 H (PAL).

A final closing apology to all the Joanne Woodwards of the world..
The girl I was trying to report on was a Louise Woodward.
You may all sleep easy now that I have corrected history.

Satellite TV brings us the Clinton Tour of China this week
The end of July will bring us specials on the Hong Kong handover.
I think the 1st of July gives us more of The National Geographic Channel,
or is that to be encrypted too?

Cheers till next time,

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