Is this seasonal?

The date and title of my first newsletter was
"Not Much Happening and this was sent on the 09/09/97.
The winner of this months contest was George Psorakis.
I was suprised that others got the date wrong and or the title as well.
For you George there is a copy of issue 5-6 of TeleSatellite magazine for you.

Not Much happening is still the tune for this time of year.
The horizontal signal from CNN on Pas 2 has gone and makes way for more
reshuffling. On Asiasat 1 Star TV has been quietly disappearing so I
suppose people in Asia are gradually losing services as well.

I am going to Alice Springs and Ayers rock this coming week to dig up more
Australian activity for TeleSatellite Magazine. I hope it turns up some
different activity to what I am used to down south.

The latest issue of Telesatellite has come home to roost and I will give
you a rundown of articles when I get back. There are still more receiver
reviews and there is a reminder that some of them are so far ahead of time
that the receivers have not even reached the marketplace yet. So you know
which magazine you need to subscribe to don't you? Other articles cover
actuators, there are 100s of different types. There is even a construction
article in there. Like any good movie I will find out just how much I can
tell you and this will happen next week.

Other things still happening are "The Oaf Bouquet" and I think that Foxtel
are getting the administrative side together and this service will not last
much longer. With the Asian downturn everything is disappearing. NBC is the
I have not seen anything except The National Geographic Channel. The
Chinese are still on Pas 2 and they have some interesting documentaries.
Just be watching at the right time though.

Well with little happening at the moment it is like summer in the northern
hemisphere, even less happens there this time of the year.


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