What the Lord Giveth!!!!

What the Indonesians giveth the Indonesians can taketh away.
It would appear that CNBC has left Palapa C1!!

What a kerfuffle... At least I rattled a few chains the other day and got
everybody to check the headings of your dishes, INCLUDING me. Top marks to
Alf May who was first to spot the mistake and because of the response I
notice various as the source of the information on satcodx charts. I must
be more accurate in
my reporting, more haste less speed.

Well I notice that as long as you don't have a Hyundai there has been
access to about another 3 digital stations lately, the most recent being
the Golf Channel on Pas 2.
	I have heard talk of channel 9 going to digital for thier feeds and
I think it is about to happen. Activity on their main analogue feed has
been quiet lately. Here is something to look out for, first in best dressed.

	A tip here, on our Optus satellites. Unless you know someone
personally in the industry do NOT ring the local TV station switchboard
asking about feeds frequencies and programming remember it is like to
listening to a private telephone conversation, or the police radio, it is
private and not for public discussion. If you see a special event on a feed
consider it a bonus.  If you see the news before it is broadcast it is also
a bonus and because you have satellite tv you can enjoy the uniqueness of
it. One of my contacts tells me that one guy rings up and tries to make
money by telling the other station about late breaking news. He would watch
all the wire services and hoped to make money off the opposition by selling
them a news lead. He gave up after they showed him that they had CNN as
well as a few others he had not seen. There are a number of things that can
be discussed here, such as get the cross lotto numbers now and race down to
the shop really quickly as the numbers are not shown on tv till 8.30. One
problem...The shop is always closed and I have to work around that one.
The odd silly thing that happens to reporters that does not denigrate the
network and the mention of the occasional wedding that is transmitted back
to Japan for the rich people. (I had to settle for B&W photos.)NO videos
then.  Well thats the scene there.Watch it all and take interest in the
industry but dont annoy  the workers.(They have supervisors to do that.)

	If you think this news letter goes off on a tangent think of when
and how it is written.  All times local.
9.30 AM check E-mail get a few clues, see what I missed last night.
Work for the firm for the rest of the day.
18.30 Project movie at Drive In theatre. George of the Jungle, for kids but
Write using a ball point pen, Sat Australia draft.

I forgot to tell you that 14.30z and 22.00Z Monday 6th October, EMTV was
removed from Gorizont 30.
Thats what the lord taketh away.
What the lord giveth....
A much improved signal on Asiasat 2.
3760 H EMTV   PAL  6.20 Mhz sound clear 22-14 Z
3760 H TVSN   PAL  6.20 Mhz sound clear 14-22 Z
Radio   96  NAU FM 6.80 Mhz (now fm, pidgin)
Radio   93 IUME FM 7.40 Mhz (you me fm, also pidgin)
These times may change when daylight saving starts in Australia in about 2
ABC tv on Palapa c2 will also have a reshuffle of times for programming but as
H/Kong does not have daylight saving there may not be a shift in  UTC times.

21.00 Projecting second film, Men in Black.  Good movie There are aliens
Write a couple of more bits for Sat Australia, different theme. Trying to
find some humour in our local elections.
Yep! Funny if they dont get elected.!!
23.00 Projecting third film now, Speed 2. I have no Idea why they made it.
01.00  Go home and watch the Breakfast show from yesterday on RFO in
Tahiti. (The newsreader is a lot younger than Doris Baiyo? EMTV Newsreader
and TOK savvy host.It's alright Doris I think you do a good job and I watch
you lots!)
01.30 Write to Christian Lyngemark and rattle his chains. I am trying to
confuse him these days. :-)
Check that EMTV, TVSN,Radio channels and CNBC have disappeared  entirely.
Check the new Hi-Fi picture and sound on Asiasat 2 for EMTV. GEE! No noise
on the radio. I think the picture still looks a little muddy though.
02.00 Check out the parts of my Satellite dish that was delivered
yesterday.  Move it down the driveway. A couple of bits missing, they will
come later.Count the bits check what is really there, tell the police I am
not a robber at 2.30 in the morning.Dont joke with the police, I said it
was a satellite dish and all they could see was struts,nuts and bolts,a
polar mount and other bits, I said like a meccano set really, and the young
guy said .What's that? ....Welll! like a big Lego set. He understood that.
Police leave, back to research...

Hello?  Is there any one out there apart from us aliens?

Pas 2
4058 V 6.8 Mhz  NTSC Chinese Baccarat Game Channel (21.00 to 04.00 Hkg)
The closing time may not be accurate and the name is only in chinese
This has been on for about 6-8 weeks and I am suprised no one else has
reported it.

Well while I am entering this up to send out I am watching Face Off. It's
got John Travolta in it.
Is it good ? I don't know, I have been typing this news letter.
As you can read the Galaxy man has a lot of trouble selling me on pay TV.
(Try selling refrigerators to eskimos.)

What the lord taketh away again.
I 701
4130 R GLOBECAST FEEDS This has gone.(I assume.)There has been no signal
seen for 4 weeks now.It ceased shortly after the feed in 4142 became
regular. That is the ABC / CBS vidiplex signal.
I had a circuit once and I guess others may have it for splitting the
picture and seperating the two fields of a vidiplex signal. If they are
available the receivers still command big bucks.
I have had requests for both these items.

I will give you reports on how my dish /meccano set / Lego set progresses
in future letters.
The first tip find all the trees that may one day give trouble and chop
them down.
Put them through a chipper so they can't grow again.
Don't burn them, they know all about that in Indonesia.
I might sell Dr. Dish my video.

Palapa c2
3800 H This feed has not been used for at least 8 weeks.
The thing about these feeds is that they are still there but not being used.
The Asiasat 2 frequency now occupied by EMTV was once used by Henan TV and
then I saw a special for vision of resistance that was originated in Germany.
This was another frequency I was going to scrub but I only had to change
the sound if to accomodate EMTV.

If you are fortunate and have a set with a lot of channels , keep them and
flick through them occasionally.
That is how I found CNBC on Agila 2.
But then... Thats an old story now.

Enuff till next time,
Cheers for now,

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