Satellite TV is BORING!

        Well it is Saturday here in South Australia again.
There are rumours about the upgrade for the Hyundai supposed to be released
at the end of September. When I find out I will let you know. I believe it
has a number of new features also.

Nothing has really happened here, South Australia won the local football
match in Australia, I am trying to justify a 4.5 metre dish in the back
yard, actually on the roof. I need a look at the horizon to the west, Pas4
needs to be clearer and to the east the intelsats have interesting news
feeds that are noisy signals .I will keep you posted on the project, the
parts needed and other logistical problems.This will save you the trouble
of even thinking about it.

Intelsat 701 at 180 deg.  E or W (Take your pick)
Now that the vidiplex feed on 4142 R has become established it appears that
the feed on 4130 R has disappeared. Does anybody else have the same
The vidiplex feed comprises signals from ABC,CBS and CNN from America.
I still cannot see the Baccarat channel on 3716 L.
Hey! Who can see all these TVNZ feeds? 3 more have appeared lately in Satco
Dx, I am sure they don't let them out of the country because I cant see
them, YET. I suppose I will have to wait till I go to NZ in December, The
Hyundai under one arm and a dustbin lid with an LNB under the other. I hope
the Warehouse is still flogging those wide screen TV sets. They havent
discovered them in Aussie yet as there is too much other rubbish to dump on
the kangaroos.(They seem to accept anything.) Them kiwis seem smarter.Seems
silly, buy a Japanese wide screen TV in NZ and bring it to Australia, is
still cheaper than buying one here.Watch out the sound standards are
different.Modifications are neded.(Still cheaper!)

Intelsat 702 177 E and Intelsat 802 174 E
I put these two together as they share a common frequency, 4166 R
Quite often both satellites are using this frequency and it is only a quick
press on the actuator to change programs. NHK uses 802 NTSC for news feeds
out of Hong Kong about 11.30 z and you can also see feeds of sports in PAL
on 702 at the same time some evenings. There are 2 other frequencies
slightly separated I702 4193 R and I 802 4188 R. I 702 does not use the
feed on 4188 now, or at least I have not seen it there.I would be
interested as to what the northern hemisphere beams carry. Especially I
802.It is interesting to catch the 7.00 pm ATV news from Hong Kong.This is
in english and is followed bu the Xinghuai? or  Guangdong provience
News.This is in chinese.My neighbour across the road comes from Canton and
was quite impressed with the chinese programs.(He speaks the language) and
when I go next time I have to look his brother up in Macau.He is a casino
manager.Hmm, could be interesting.I didn't go last time because they had a
shooting over there a couple of days before I was about to visit.I enjoyed
the DRAGON and the other rides in Hong kong anyway.

Pas 2 169 deg E.
        This causes me pain because I cannot see discovery or the disney
channel or RAI. I could go on there are a few FTA channels here I can not
see.These are all digital of course and I think it is my Hyundai problem.
There are a couple of sets of colour bars that have changed from NTSC to
PAL leading me to believe that ChAnGeS are about to happen.

4058 V 6.8 Mhz Sound The Baccarat Game Channel This has been on for about 3
weeks and I notice tonight that it has switched to 3815 V where AB Asia
was. This was also a baccarat channel from 20.30 to 03.30 HKG time.I notice
WCETV is still there so that continues in its' correct time slot.

Well scanning across from Pas 2 to Gorizont 30 at 142.5 E we check out EMTV
and TVSN. They are supposed to be videocrypt but this varies with the
sunspot cycle. I am sure as I can't see any other explanation for what is
happening. In all truthfulness I think it is to do with the oscillation of
the satellite and if you have a noisy signal then that signal will not be
accepted by a v/c decoder. When they change satellites we will probably see
it back encrypted again.As I tracked across to G 30 I thought I saw CNBC in
PAL Naah! I have imagined these things before. Well look at the next
printed line!!!

Agila 2 144 E
4165 H PAL 6.58mhz sound CNBC. Yes!!! it is becoming as bad as TVSN.
Everywhere you look it just keeps scrolling along.There are good signals
into Adelaide and almost noise free.There is a carrier on about 3823 H as
well.It is not a tv carrier as such but it is strong here.
So all of a sudden the boredom is gone again, it usually only lasts for
about 3 or 4 days at the most.With all the smog over Indonesia/Malasia I
havent looked at these satellites they have ben adding to their various
bouquets but I dont see them. Palapa, Asiasat,the Gorizonts and Pas 4 are
all still there so I might pick on them later.The next edition looks like
being the hardware question time one again as I have not got the relavent
correspondence here.In your email in a couple of days. Keep those comments
coming in and they will be included as well.
I have seen a number of requests going to dx corner about the Hyundai HS
100 c and the upgrades. I am endeavouring to find out about them and I will
post them in this newsletter when I find out.By what I can gather the
various mods look very promising.

Cheers for now,

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