More Questions.

If you havent seen the Grand Prix yet dont read the last sentence.
The results are there.
If you dont care it doesn't matter.
Channel 9 willhave the results later.
It is Sunday Morning in Tahiti and while I have been on the computer
tonight I have seen RFO sign off with the news, read by a very pretty
polynesian lady with a white flower in her hair and a red and white dress.I
have now seen it sign on again with the Grand Prix.Some guy in short
sleeves and a striped tie.
Well that sets the scene for  a few questions.
Alf May wrote:
          Has anyone been able to receive RAI International / ORT Australia on
Pas. 2?  I am not able to receive either transmission in Adelaide,
South Australia.  Is the current SATCO-DX listing, 4153H correct?

Colin Frost then Replied:
        Yes it is correct. I have personally seen both channels using the latest
software version HSS-100c receiver. Cost $1000 approx. An upgrade is also
possible for existing HSS-100c owners, cost approx $150. Soccer is the main
drawing card with this channel. It is different from the EBB RAI channel as
the EBB doesn't have the soccer feeds.
Then Ming Leu wrote:
        I have just tried to tune both services using a 2.6m dish and Nokia
9500S, without success.  I am in Sydney.

A rumour says RAI and ART turned down the transponder power so that
ordinary people can't see the services. Can anyone confirm this?

Then I wrote:
         I cant see it in Adelaide but then again I need a bigger dish as well.

End of that story.

Rex from Ballarat wrote:
        Just to let you know I recieved the EMTV in the clear bulletin a few
weeks ago. Well you can't help bad luck. Thanks anyway Rex.
I had a frustrating day yesterday trying to watch the live Ch7 feed on
Optus B1 . Can you believe the 10 and 9 feedswere perfect with good
sound but seven was proving very difficult to get a picture that you
could ABSOLUTELY tell the jumpers apart.Can you or anyone else report
watching the Footscray/Adelaide match on OPtus live??
I replied:
        It could be that there was no eastern feed at the time.
I saw it somewhere that was not local TV
This is the gear used by Rex and friends. He writes.
        My friends and I have an Echostar 6700 and a mesh 12ft dish.
We have Bmac and MPEG receivers as well as some Intercontinental
analogue receivers.  We observe many humourous goings on on the CH 9
private sat feeds, like today show interviewees getting ready in the
chilly brisbane morning, and asking if the crew were with the CIA!!
Im really keen to know if anyone has seen the Knowledge TV feed
(could be digicrypt) on PAS 2. It's around a Philipino bouquet I think,
and Im keen to know what method of encryption is used as well as if the
feed is in english or filipino.
Well here is another question I cannot answer as I don't receive it.
It would be interesting to know what the coverage and signal strength really is.

I have heard novel ways to cure the sound problem with narrow band sound
but I would like to hear your ideas on the following.
We often watch the clear MTV asia feed which is fantastic, but we cant
get really clear sound - perhaps we need a  16ft dish - is anyone getting
a really clear sound signal on MTV asia??
I write: Yes I am because I get a good signal.
Henk C Room wrote in replying to a question about digital receivers.
> Well, this is a question mainly directed to Australian ppl, or those ppl
> who are familiar with the receivers necessary for Australia.
Hany S.Eid wrote:
        Well, this is a question mainly directed to Australian ppl, or those ppl
who are familiar with the receivers necessary for Australia.

Currently my brother is in Egypt, and he's in contact with a major supplier
of Dish receivers, and I want to upgrade my system to a better one.
Currently I have an Analogue (C Band) reciever, plus a Digiskan digital

I heard that with the Nokia Mediamaster/ Nokia D-Box, u don't need the
analogue reciever any more. Is that true?? What is the best digital
reciever that I could get which will allow me to get the most out of whats
out there in the skies? Ohh.. I forgot to mention, my Satellits dish is 2.4
He then gets a reply from
Henk C. Room.
Hi Hany,

Sorry that nobody answered your first call for help, I will do from
Egypt !

The Nokia Mediamaster in all its version (including the German D-Box) is
a plain MPEG-2 DVB compatible receiver. The best one I know, but still
not able to receive analogue programming.

These analogue/digital twin receivers, very much required pieces of
equipment when combined with a positioner, are now slowly coming into
the market.
Hold your horses for a couple of monthes and you will see, just before
Christmas, these machines turning up. They will not be cheap and have
their initial problems, but therefore innovative (sort of at least...).

- SAT-MidEast offers a mailinglist with relevant Middle Eastern
- satellite information, free-of-charge to your personal mailbox.

- Send an e-mail to: majordomo@tags1.dn.net
- and put in the body-text on a single line: subscribe sat-mideast
A bit of a plug for Henk Here: I think he missed out sat-mideast in his
newsletter. Another interesting mailing list with a different slant on the

My previous newsletter had my views on combination rx's.
An analogue rx can be had quite cheaply now and so can stand alone positioners.
Both of them together makes for a more complex box and the 3 together is
like having an Apple Mac and an IBM in the same box.@ seperate machines
cost a lot less.  Hmm,Dennis The Menace in French is like the Sullivans in
Mongolian.That is what RFO is about at the moment.Ever tried to lip read a

John Vandeven writes in relation to Mega TV.
When reading success stories you should remember the size and gain of the
gear being used. Do not expect the same performance from a dustbin lid or a
kitchen wok.
        Mega TV can be viewed from australia. I have seen it on a 3.7m
       mesh dish using a straight feed and a hyundi receiver. We tried the
Nokia but it would not hold the picture.
 Regarding TVNZ I have loaded one channel 4.162R sr 5632 fec 3/4 but the
hyundi came up with This channel is scrambled.

   Thanks John for the reply and things don't look too bright in my quest
for NZTV. Oh well I an going over in December anyway. I hope to give you an
idea of the scene over there when I get back. Maybe those in N.Z. are
interested in what happens over here.
Austrain Grand Prix results.
Villenuve 1st,coulthard 2nd ,frentzen 3rd, fischachella 4th ,Schumaker 5th,
Schumaker 6th.
Well thats enough for now and 2 newsletters for one day.
If I get questions I just have to find answers I suppose.
Just as I was about to send this, Hany S. Eid wrote again with more questions.
Here is the start of his email.

Sorry man. I know that i'm bugging you. But its just that I was conned into
buying the equipment that I have, and this meant hopeles reception.

Well, I guess after I become more aware of the current technologies out
there, i'll be carefull when I upgrade.

Thirdly. U mentioned somehting about a magazine called Sat. Aust. Where can
u get that?? Any particular NewsAgencies??? Or is it via subscriptions only??

I think Hany needs a newsletter.

Forthly (and hopefully lastly!!). When u said about the Hyundai being the
best for the rec. technology. Well, so do they automatically adjust to
receiver FCE 2/3 for example?? I mean would u be able to recieve the
digital packages which are listed in the SatcoDX chart (eg: California

I will send this,reply to Hany and and turn RFO into CNN
Cheers for Now,

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