EMTV in the clear.

Well you might eventually get this three times,
I hope not though. It appears this particular edition is doomed to always
return to me and not go out.Maybe the words TVSN or EMTV are in filters all
around the world as a safety valve.

If you think the following is a repeat, you are probably right.
If you have never seen it before, it was compiled about the first week in
August just before the TV shopping network started on EMTV. Yes it has been
encrypted again and come in the clear twice in the elapsed time 6 weeks.
EMTV not the news letter. So don't hold your breath it will probably be
encrypted again before the cricket starts.  If you have just subscribed to
this little group,  about 75 now, here is a bonus newsletter.

News Flash!!!
EMTV is in the clear again!
It is very handy that EMTV appears regularly in the clear on Wed and Thurs
nights. Two good local programs are aired Golden Mekim Musik on Wednesdays
and Fizz a more local content music show on Thursday nights.
As from next week it will be shown at 19.00 PNG time instead of 20.00
Remember 1 hour earlier.

Zoom!!!!!! It's coming to a screen near you.!!!!!!!
I speak of the spread of what may be one of the only FTA channels on
analogue TV. Yes!!! it's...TVSN...
THE SHOPPING CHANNEL.. coming to Gorizont 30.
It will replace my favourite programme on EMTV... THE TEST PATTERN. from
about 1am till late morning when the station opens.

As I write this I am watching Palapa c2 and the News in english on TVRI.
This is on at 18.30 W.I.B ie.23.30 GMT.
Other programs on at this time Thursday are
Kerry O'Brien and the 7.30 Report (related to HK time)
GMA from the Philipines has a funny video session, this is NTSC.
CFI FRance has Pyramide (Dats in french)
MTV the music channel Mostly indestinguishable music (welllll!!!)
CNN has news (Like MTV only News. I do like the shuttle launches though)
CNBC just keeps scrolling along. Talking about supermarkets at the moment.
It has just turned to Midday GMT. All change for new programs.
TV Indosair
All these stations have the same news service. Oh! well.
Australian TV International?  You guessed it...NEWS.
Asia Business News.No! They are telling you how little your currency is
worth against the American Dollar.
If you tune to GMA Philipines they tell you that Lysol kills 99.9 percent
of all household germs.What I worry about is the other .01 percent.
On a more poignant note looking at the television feeds in Australia they
have been carrying news about the disaster at Thredbo. This is a small
alpine village at the base of Mt.Kosciusko in southern New South Wales.A
landslide swept through 2 chalets there overnight with the possible loss of
20 lives.
Reporters have been on site for about 20 hours relaying their stories of events.
Listening to two reporters.
R1. "You never know where you are going to be in this Job, I was going to Perth.
R2. "Yeah I was supposed to be in Brisbane doing Pauline Hanson.
Both of them are now standing in the dark on the side of Mt.Kosciusko in
sub zero temperatures waiting to see how many will be rescued from the
The guy reporting on the other feed is still a little green. They cant get
the white balance right and they go to air in 10 seconds!!!!!
Oh!!! I can get TVNZ!!! NO! It is just the same reporter with a different
coat on...Yes it a report for TVNZ now.
If you have anything about your local TV please share it with the rest of us.
All the best
Cheers for now

Well that was it!!.
Iam not sure wether it was sent as I do not have a copy of it.
I do remember writing it though.
Sad isn't it.
This sort of thing happens from time to time.
Since this episode there have been 2 Major funerals, 3 train crashes 2
ferry sinkings, at least 6 military plane crashes, a few lottery wins, a
referendum in Scotland,(A place north of England and seperated by a
mountain range,) and 3 large civil airline crashes on the news.Here in
South Australia, The Crows a local football team have made it into the
Grand final.There is an election campaign on here at the moment but nobody
is taking any notice.I will let you know who wins the football though.

Another thing that has been asked and I will give my opinion now, no advice
just an opinion.
What digital box should I buy.?
The answer,
Something that does what you want.
I would buy a rx that has a c/a module in it.
It would have a signal strength meter.
It should be able to have a manual muting control to look at weak
incomplete signals. One that you can enter all the receive info,fec,pid,sr,
One that can be programmed from a computer along with the programme to
restire it to original every time some clown from Panasat decided to
reprogramme it. This goes for the clowns (clones) (G'day chaps!) at Galaxy
as well.Not to mention SKY!!! I must point out the clowns live in
administration with the galahs and accountants in plastic suits.
The strong point about reprogramming receivers is that if buy a product you
want to know that it works the same as when you bought it. Anything that
comes later is a modification and you can choose to upgrade if you wish.
Not have it controlled by a third party. If the third party does not want
you watching their service they scramble it.If you buy a reciever that is
interactive with a satellite you should at least have the option of
resetting it in some way to return it to original condition. (Anyone want
torent a Scientific Atlanta out there? As I see it you do not buy a
Scientific Atlanta you actually get it given to you and they retain control
of the receiver. For this privelege you pay about $1500 up front and when
they need more cash flow they tell it to give you the V for victory sign
and assist with SA's cash flow (100 bucks + freight?)

If you want to point and watch I think the Huundai could eventually be the
best buy. Here you enter a frequency,select polarity & fec,enter the symbol
rate and select a channel. One of 60 bouquets. If the receiver crashes and
gets reconditioned by that rogue satellite you simply turn it off and start
I am waiting to see how the Hyundai with the CA module will eventually
perform. It can still be interactive but it must be able to be reset
easily. This would then be a winner.If there are later and better versions
you should be able to get an eprom upgrade if they are still the same basic
I suggest a seperate analogue receiver and a seperate positioner.
If one of these units fail and you have a 3 in one you have nothing.Nothing
is worse than NOTHING.
With a seperate receiver and positioner you can use the one frequency for
different satellites, altough must have differing sound separations.
If you have seperate receivers you can have 2 channels running at once.
Well! you have 2 ears and 2 eyes don't you?
What about the kids, MCM on Asiasat or MTV.
TVSN for the dog and cat.
Have you tried watching only local programming for a WEEK?

Cheers for now

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