Corres Pondence

Well I did not jump off a cliff or get lost but here is a rather belated
I have extracted some comments from some of my correspondence that may be
of interest.
When nothing happens, give 'em repeats.
From :Summer Television.

The following refers to Channel 9 feed on optus B1.
I assume you have all found the new frequency.

Transponder 8?????, I have got no idea,  I'll have to do some snooping,
can't see any digital, no signal strength at all,  ????
The next piece is a reply to my plea for NZTV coverage.
I have been able to load TVNZ on  Intelsat @ 180E, but unable to view??
loads up with about 5 channels, so don't  know whats going on with that
I have given trying to get NZTV here so I will take another tape across the
water (Tasman sea) tho them over there.
That is the NZ buffer zone that keeps most Australians away, with their
sailboards and surf boats. . Some of us have discovered how to fly though.
Yep! I bought a ticket and will fly UNITED!!! this time.  I hope the doors
dont fall off or the roof blows out (like in Hawii). I will take my
parachute and borrow one of their life jackets from under the seat.  For
New Zealanders you should take your holidays out of the country between 4th
December and the 3rd of January next year whatever that is.

	I will be taking my still camera and of course the S-vhs outfit to
get more of the country side.
I expect to have an interesting article for Tele Satellit on NZ activities,
that August European Magazine that allows me to write stuff here. Apart
from the heaps I pile on you all over there I would be greatful to receive
heaps when I visit. I need material for my article. I will be spending most
of my time in the South Island this time. I land in Auckland, go around the
east coast to Wellington. I have booked a set of oars on the ferry, I hope
it doesnt sink this time. It hasn't sunk for a few years now.  The last
trip I spent down in the engine room and amongst the railway rolling stock.
I booked 6th class and it is very noisy down there. They give you an old
soup tin and a bucket and you have to bale the water out.  Gee! there were
a lot of eyes in that lot.

For those in Europe...
THE RAILWAYS RUN THE FERRY. I know it was the NZ navy that sunk a rusian
ship in peacetime and got away with it. Maybe they should run the
railways.(Hmm! Maybe I better not go to NZ.) Gee! maybe my next magazine
from them may be all glued up.

Thanks to:
Patrick MiddletonGeelong, Victoria,  Australia
for the reception info.

Optus B1
Aurora seems to be on weekdays only at the moment.
Maybe they like to have weekends off?

About the videoplex receivers, for I 701.
Anton wrote.
Before I have Chapparal, I use Sony video tape rec.
which have special effect like strobe, mosaic,
picture in picture (SLHF 860), and I use the strobe
effect as video de-plexer, it is work well.

My friend uses a Time base corrector as video de-plexer.

I think I mentioned the reset of equipment such as positioners once before.
If you have a positioner problem, fully retract it that is wind it right
in,then turn the power off.
While holding one or the other of the control buttons in, turn it on again,
this usually has the effect of resetting the memory in a lot of electronic
positioners. It is like doing a self test on a dot matrix printer.

Hi Beven, just a short note to confirm that my positioner has now been
reset thanks to your advice, I wish I knew about this fix 10 months ago,
thanks very much for the advise, the owners manual was obscure to this info.

Alek Zapara
I know Alex was happy.

Terrence Chingue from Tahiti writes,

I am currently subscribing to these mails:
    - sat-australia
    - satcodx
    - sat-drdish

I would like to get info on the satellites in the south pacific region.
so here what i am looking for and i would like to know if you have the
necessary info or links.

Yes if you use Netscape or a similar programme, point your browser at
http://www.satcodx.com/  This will enable you to look at satellites to your
west in the Asian region and also some to the east for the United States.

I have a 16-foot satellite dish in Tahiti, French Polynesia, South
Pacific. It's a C-band. I have a Drake receiver ESR 700 and 1254. I can
receive programs from:
    Intelsat 701 180 degrees E
    Intelsat 702 177 degrees E
    Intelsat 802 174 degrees E
    PanAmSat 2   164 degrees E

I am more interested in the PanAmSat 2 satellite since they offer more
programs. They send both analog and digital signals, how can i receive
the digital signal? (equipment)

It appears that the Hyundai is a good FTA receiver and the Nokia also.
They have different features and it is a case of getting the most suitable
one for your needs.
There is nothing like reading satellite magazines and then more satellite
magazines to help you make a decision.
You can also look at the various news groups  that deal with satellites.
Using a search engine such as yahoo! you would put the phrase newsgroup and
satellite, this will then give you some places to go.
	The obvious place to start looking is http://www.TELE-satellite.com
and follow directions.
I am assembling an article on how to find your way around TELE-satellite,
and I hope to have this out eventually.
About the same time I put my dish together.

also, some of the signals are coded (on PanAmSat 2). i would like to
know if there is a subscription (like DirecTV) so that i can view the

	 There are subscriptions for some of these programs, and when you
select Pas 2 at http://www.satcodx.com/  you can select one of services
that is highlighted and go to the link for that service.

Do you know where to get descramblers or decoders or hacking stuff?

Again the internet provides information for some of these rather grey but
popular areas. A suggestion try   satellite and decoders    or try
satellite and receivers   these should assist you. Remember some of these
activities are illegal and there are penalties for breaking the law.

I am very interested to purchase more equipment, but i do not know  where.
and when I go to a local store (California), they do not know where to get
the equipment needed, or what is needed for my case.

I would suggest you try New Zealand. This is close to you. Just because I
poke fun at them they are not a bad group really.
Baysat in Napier is one that springs to mind.
Thanks to Terrance for his letter, and I would like a photo of that nice
lady that reads the news at night on RFO from Tahiti.

Scott Bidstrup wrote just after the changeover to I 701 from I 511.

I am curious how well you see the Baccarat Game down there.
We're the uplink site, and went back up on 701 at the same power as we
were at on the 511.  Intelsat has not asked us to change power, and the
downlink site in Singapore reports the same carrier to noise as they had
before the pointover.  I'm curious if there is a significant difference in the
footprint at your location versus the 511 satellite.

I have been unable to see the particular channel here as we are quite a bit
south of the beam, but when the other dish goes in who knows. Can someone
answer the question for Scott.

I f you are looking for information about what goes on in the satellite
world and who is buying what from whom, who has the best launch facilities
and want to know what Rupert is doing do the following.
Send an email to:  Majordomo@tags1.dn.net with no subject header and in the
text the phrase   subscribe sat-nd.

If you are not into skeptics, pessimists or some of the hard truth dont
There is humour here as well. So if you are serious, just go away!

By Dr Sarmaz.

If you subscribe to Peter Klanowskis' Sat-Nd you would be familiar with the
above header.
To boost my readership I am not going to say anything negative about Rupert .
You might not know who Rupert is .  Well subscribe to Sat-Nd
The following paragraph is the first of my articles.


I recieved my upgrade chips from Pacific Satellite.
No other info just two chips.
I do not know of all the improvements yet altough you can now get Art
I would be interested to know what else this upgrade does apart from a
couple of better on screen displays and an extension to 100 channels
instead of 60. Who knows of the mark 3 upgrade that is touted in the Middle
East region?
I am still looking at my upgrade and programming the channels.
I did notice that Hallmark now has a picture on more occasions.
I have come to the conclusion that there was no trouble with the old chips
in this regard as I did get a
picture with lots of artefacts off Hallmark on the odd occasion.
This points to a weak signal and I think the increased sensitivity is
actually a lowering of the sample rate in the new software.I received my
eproms on Friday night and I did not get time to put
them in until last night. 3 days sitting in a packet looking at me.  Very

Donald Koeleman wrote in asking me whether I could mention his new Web site.

I could. Well, should I?
Yes here it is.
and finally Ming  Leu wrote:

What is this Sat-Australia thing? It sounds interesting - is it
a magazine like SatFACTS?

No, Sat-Australia is an ad-hoc newsletter that is sent out on the internet
on an intermittent basis.

There are so many questions that I believe people in this nation would
want to ask but don't know which forum to do so.  I've always wondered
how come there is no newsgroup on sat issues for asia-pacific.
Ming Leu

For information on how to subscribe or unsubscribe, send Email to
Majordomo@tags1.dn.net with the word help in the body of the message. Leave
the subject line blank.

Well thats all for now folks, look forward to more about big dishes and
Hyundai mods if I can get any info. There might be more about satellite
activity next week.

Cheers for now,

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