Re: ASTRA in Beirut

> Dear Sirs,
>             I live in Lebanon, on a hill a few kilometers outside
> Beirut,
> Lebanon. I have a motorised satellite system comprising of:
> a. 2.4m aluminium solid perforated dish -- paraclipse
> b. C & KU LNB - Gardner
> c. Drake ESR 300e satellite reciever with threshold extension. I would
>     like to receive the different channels on Astra 1D (Analogue)
>             My dealer has told me that I cannot recieve Astra on my
> system
> due to my distant location in Lebanon for Europe.
>             I would appreciate your assistance on this matter in
> kindly
> advising me if it is possible for me to receive the Astra channels in
> Lebanon and if so, what do I need to do or install on my system as
> additional equipment to achieve the desired results.
>                                                             Bassam
> Shadid

On of my monitors works in Beirut with a 4.3m solid dish (high quality)
and ASTRA is partly receivable. Have a look at the story in TSI, issue
5-6/98 (Dr.Dish & Friends, page 272 ff). You can contact Dr. Tschamakian
for further details.
Another earth-station is in Tripoli. Here a Patriot-dish (4.5m) with
only ku-feed is used and the results are much better then in Beirut.
A 2.4.m dish is too small for ASTRAand perforated it work only at a
factor of 0.8 against his solid brother.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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