Re:faulty-cdtv200 xsat

The following question from Robin in NZ I will leave here for
discussion. Hopefully one of my readers knows a solutuion to the problem
and I will pass it on to Robin.

> Hi Christian
> yes i know about the previous answers regarding cdtv200 has there been
> any update or further info on this unit also someone who is reliable
> that can supply any spare parts for this unit,my frontend is faulty,no
> not my head but yes i sometimes wonder,the tuner board is damaged if i
> remove the tunner board from the mother board it will boot up but if i
> plug the tuner board back in, the receiver will not boot up eg show a
> menu display etc.
> Has any one out there found any hidden menus or even a hard reset for
> this box
> regards
> Robin


Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
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