Re: Meteorites.

The following information came from Royal Telecom Int. of Nigeria. It is
published here, because some of my readers could be interested. If so,
just contact me by e-mail. I made some further inquieres on RTI. The
company exists and the place and date of discovery of the meteorite is

>                        ROYAL TELECOM INT. NIGERIA
> Dear Dr. Dish,
>                           METEORITES
> We would like to inform you that we have presently in our possesion, a
> meteorite, and quite a number can be acquired at a short notice.
> We beleive that they are of immence value to NASA or any other
> organisation and scientist that study objects from outer space.
> Doctor could you kindly send us the addresses or forward our address
> to
> any organisation that might be interested in having these outer space
> objects. A sample could be sent to you or any interested party. The
> meteorite presently in our possesion weighs about 250 kilogrammes.
> Lastly Doctor, please send us the new subscription rates for the
> Tele Satellite Magazine, we would urgently like to subsribe.
> Thank you, Doctor.
> Your's faithfully,
> Musa Suleman
> Managing Director.


Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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