Re: Radio Super de Bogota

Living as an Columbian in Italy it would be fantastic to receive Radio
Super de Bogota (as explained in your recent book on page 136). I
understand the the noise level is high due to the filtering of the
signal. What is the minimum gear to get a noise free signal and which of
the FltSatcoms (Atlantic Ocean?) I have to go to?
A second question: on page 95 you described the equipment for analogue
scpc, listening to the internal communication of some african countries.
Do you have any ideas which satellite is used by Libya?
H. Jeminez


At this moment I am sing a 7 element yagi (45 degr.position), a amp for
200 to 300 MHz (16 dB) and as receiver the AOR5000 switched to 254.10
MHz (FM 10 kHz, modified filter) with good results on the FleetSatcom AO
Region. To cut some noises you could use a external equalizer. I use a
software equalizer coming with my soundcard and the results are just
fine, so I listen to the station nearly the whole day as background
entertainment on my working place.
One more remarks: in my last tv-show Mike Hoehn reported on brazilian
pirates using this satellite for communication on 260.525 MHz in
Libya is using the orbital positions 1 and 27.5 degr. west for internal
comms in the c-band. If I have a little bit more time I will prepare a
short scpc-frequency-list for this country.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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