Re: Data-Security via Satellite?

Hi Doc,
hat Du die ots-Medlung zur WDR Sendung plus-minus gelesen. Es sieht aus,
als wenn die Deine Story aus dem vergangenen Jaht in der Tele-Satellit
benutzen. Hängt sich da jetzt jeder dran?
P. Falterer
(Did you read the press-information about a planned report on economical
espionage concernnig german companies by the US? I t looks very much
like your Echelon-story last year for Tele-satellite.)


thanks for the copy this ots-news. Yes, it looks alike. A german
computer-magazine did the same last month. This is the second time WDR
uses a thematic, published before by TSI. Maybe by incident, but anyway
not very accurate. Like the Inmarsat-story, interviewing a so-called
"specialist". And he tried then to get some results in a very
non-specialists way. This time WDR is claiming to received the info by
high ranking officers from a secret-service. It is not a secret at all,
that Echelon is listening into internal communication of the
international industry. Even a amateuer with good satellite equipment
could do this.
At this moment I am working on a piece how easy it is, to crack down the
IRS-data of a US-individual - living outside the US - making his
tax-refund application via the phone and a IRS-computer and wondering
later all the money has never arrived on his bank-account. No Echelon is
needed, just some satellite equipment and a little bit of time.

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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