Re: Space University

Last week I received some feed-signal from what seems to be a
Space-University via TDRS here in Spain. I would like to get some more
information, because my son tries for months to retrieve a adress to
complete his study in the US. Can you be of any help or do you some
involved people.
J.C. de Selva

I believe the NASA-Academy at Goddard Space Flight center would be the
best adress. This academe is a 10 week summer session involving 24
students who are placed in the baboratories of GSFCs most innovative
scientists or engineers. Three days a week, students assemble in plenar
sessions and deal with a unique subject ranging from spacecraft design
to the latest findings from Mision to Planet earth and the Hubble Space
telescope. Sessions also incude discussions of policy issues, such as
finance and proposal evaluation, and off-site visits to contractors,
NASA-HQ, Goddard Institute for space Studies, Wallops Island launch
site, Langley research center, and a trip to Kennedy Space Center to
view a Space Shuttle launch. The program philosophy is to provide
students with learning experiencies that they cannot get through
traditional college classes.
As a interesting contact person, try Dr. Gerald Soffen, Tel.
+1-301-286-9690, e-mail: GSFCacademy@ccmail.gsfc.nasa.gov

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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