Re: Motor Error and re-alignement

>      I own a Huston Tracker V Recever that is hooked up to a 10'
> Orbatron
> dish.  Lately I have been receving motor error messages.  I can still
> move the
> dish little by little.  How can I know if the reed sensor is bad or
> the cable?
> Also, could this problem be in the recever itself?
>      I just upgraded my LNB from an unbelivable 60*k to a 25*k.  Next
> I plan
> to upgrade from my 10' dish to a 12'.
>      Also, I have been having a hard time tuning my dish corectly.
> How can I
> find out the correct elavation and offset for my dish?  I live in
> Hampden, Ma.
> just out side of Springfield.
> Joe Mascaro
> C-band diehard

Dr.Dish:Check the two cables for the sensor on back of your receiver and
also on the motor. If all connection are tight, then check if the cables
are not broken.  Disconnnet them and shorten them on side  and check on
the end if the short circuit is recognized by a meter.
If the cables and connectors are alright, check the reed-sensor. It
could be dust or moisture between the reed and the black wheel. Clean it
carefully or dry it out, but be aware that the short distance between
reed and the wheel is still given.

For  Hampden: to get the true south, just adjust the the elevation to
41.4 deg. and turn the whole dish (dish and mount must be in one line)
including the whole mount carfully to the south until you see on ch.19
(4080 H) The University Network. Now you are on your true south
satellite (Galaxy 6). Thats all you have to do. Depending on
surrounding, you should be able to go the west to the Satcom C3 (8.5
degr elevation) and to the east to Intelsat 707 with feeds from Europe
(elevation 5.1 degr)
Good luck!

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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