Re: Deutsche welle TV in Australia

> my name is Holger and I am new to Satellite International. I bought
> last months edition, because I want to find out something, no one so
> far seemed to be able to tell me.
> In Octobre my wife and I will go back for good to   Australia. I like
> to be able to receive " Deutsche Welle " via satellite. I want to buy
> as much equipement as possible here in Germany because everything
> seems to be a lot more expensive in Australia.
> IŽd be very grateful if someone could answer my question. Thanks in
> advance.
> Yours sincerely
> Holger Berg :-)
> country: Germany

Dr.Dish:DW-TV transmitts to Austria via ASIASAT 2 on 100.5 degr. east,
transponder 10B (4.000 GHz), pol. horizontal in MPEG-2 inside the
European Bouquet. You could use a NOKIA 9200/9600, because it offers
much more choice, since this receiver-types are able to work on MCPC and
Now the bad news: the dish has to be quite large. Between 3 und 3.4m in
the middle and south of Australia. In some parts of the north 2.0m are
enough. So, it would be wiser to buy the dish in down-under, otherwise
to plane you sue has to be converted into a AWACS-plane with your dish
on the top.
Use a good quality double-mesh- antenna.

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