Re: Intelsat shuffle

Dear Doc,
Intelsats new deployment plan is confusing. Could give some what we
could expect in near future?


If the last deployment plan from March 24 is still valid, then we will
have the following movements:

INTELSAT 801 goes back 328.5 degr. E and Intelsat 804 tales over 64
degr.E (its done)
Intelsat 506 leaves 328.5 degr E and goes to the old 330.5 deg
Intelsat 511 replaces 506 on 330.5 degr-E. 506 will be deorbited
Intelsat 805 will use after launch 304.degr.E and this means the old 512
will de-orbited in May/June 98.
Still confused?

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Senior-Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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