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Callsign: HL01
NASA/NORAD number: 22077
Launch Date: 10 August 1992, from Kourou,French Guiana (Ariane V-52)
Orbit type: Circular, inclination 66 degrees, Altitude 1300 km
Weight: .
Stabilization: .
Payloads: Earth Imaging System (EIS) - two CCD cameras, Digital Signal Processing Experiment (DSPE), Cosmic Ray Experiment (CRE).
Transponders: Mode JD, Downlink 435.175 MHz, 9600 bps FSK, Uplink 145.85/145.90 9600 bps FSK (AX.25).

Notes: KITSAT-A. Built by Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in collaboration with University of Surrey. PCS similar to UO-22. EIS compatible with UO-22 format. Downlink may transmit synthesized FM voice for experimental purposes (DSPE).

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