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NASA/NORAD number: 16909
Launch Date: 2045 UTC, 12 August 1986, Tanegashima Island (S. Japan).
Orbit type: circular LEO, 50 degree inclination, 1500 km altitude.
Weight: 50 kg
Stabilization: Passive magnetic.
Transponders carried: Mode J, 1W output.
Telemetry: 66 channels. CW, PSK.
Antennas: 145 MHz 1/4 wave monopole, 2 turnstiles on 435 MHz.
Power: 8.5 W solar array, 6 Ah NiCd battery.

Notes: Launched with Experimental Geodetic Payload - first multi-payload launch by NASDA. Went off air in Fall 1989 due to power problems.

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