TSE ONLINE beta test


Many of you have hopped to see TSE Online, some have asked after it... well
it is coming! Yes I have been working on a process to put The Satellite's
Encyclopedia onto the web, and this explains the delay in the release of TSE

The issue about TSE online is NOT stopping the Winhelp distribution. The
issue is going on with the current format but being able of automatically
get a Web version from it. The online version is only an addition of the TSE
in Winhelp format, a tool to ease access to information.

Now the convertion process is almost working, I am looking for beta testers
of the site. This means going through the 3000 pages and hundreds of images
(you are not required to check all of them!) with different browsers to
track bugs.

The site is really intended to be used with Netscape, although it can be
used with other browsers. Indeed the site uses the target capabilities of
Netscape 2 to open 2 windows: 1 for the main text and 1 for the popup window
available in Winhelp. This is a little disturbing at first but is very
useful afterwards. Give it a try and don't forget not to close the netscape
windows before leaving the site! I would also like to get reports about
using the site with lynx and other viewers.

So what do you need to beta test this site? First of all you need to be a
TSE SUBSCRIBER i.e. you have a valid subscription. If you meet this then I
require from you discretion about your viewing. I mean like microsoft for
Windows 95 (!): you can beta test freely but you keep your opinions for you
or myself. You don't show the site to anyone else, nor publish an article
about it, nor tell anyone about it. You simply report me the errors,
problems omissions, etc. Don't disclose any information.

I'm not requiring a signed contract for this, but I expect you to play fair
with me. This beta test is to provide the general public at opening time
something in working conditions.

If you still wish to take part to this beta test, and agree with my
guidelines, please email me (jpdonnio@tags1.dn.net) providing your TSE
serial number. You will be given the address of the site, and a personal
login + password. Be warned all transfers are logged individually, all the
copyrights apply and mirroring is forbidden. 

For all others who are interested in this site but can't join the beta test
program, it's no need to email me to ask when it opens, if it will be free
for all, what it contains, etc. I will not reply questions before opening of
the site. You will get further information on TSE-dev and the final the
press release will be sent to TSE-pub.

BTW: to unsubscribe to TSE-dev, send a message to majordomo@tags1.dn.net
with "unsubscribe tse-dev" in the body. To subscribe to TSE-pub, send a
message to majordomo@tags1.dn.net with "subscribe tse-pub" in the body. 

Jean-Philippe Donnio          jpdonnio@tags1.dn.net
TBS-satellite                 http://tags1.dn.net
The Satellite's Encyclopedia  http://www.TELE-satellit.com/tse/

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