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No this list is still active although I don't have much time to feed it! 

The next TSE version is being prepared but it will not be out before early
April, due to a heavy work load and important projects. I intend to start a
beta test program for a few things soon; I'll be back with this.


In order to improve the TSE distribution, we are now able to offer online
delivery of the registered version. Once your customized TSE copy is ready
it can be accessed via ftp. Of course this is only applicable to those with
a full Internet access since the single ZIP file is nearly 4 MB. Successful
tests have also been carried out from compuserve and aol.

Subscribers who wish to get their next TSE issue via Internet should request
it by email to tbs-satellite@tags1.dn.net before the 1st April.  Otherwise
you will get it by slow-mail as usual.

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