TELE-satellite 2/98

Press Release

TELE-satellite 2/98 at the printer

Next issue of TELE-satellite magazine is now at the printer, and is
supposed to hit market around year-end

Some highlights from next TSI:

Free-To-Air-Receivers are the name of the game nowadays, and TELE-satellite
carries some test reports on new receivers, amongst them the Lemon box, a
hybrid analogue/digital receiver. Loewe is introducing its range of
Multimedia tv/sat-receiver/Internet sets. Actually, a Loewe tv is to be
seen on front cover of magazine. A market survey gives a round-view of
currently avialable MPEG receivers. 

This time TELE-satellite carries again global footprint chart (in last
issue it had to be removed due to space limitations). International News
section haa undergone a slight change, with a lot more illustrations. 

Dr.Dish section is now running over several pages, and in its unique lay
out, which is intended to make a brand out of Dr. Dish. Talking about Dr.
Dish: his espionage story this time is entitled "Swiss Cheese in Space",
and this relates to "leaking" military satellites. 

More information on TELE-satellite International magazine can be found here:


	Alexander Wiese


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