satellite news from Ukraine and France

Press Release

Satellite News from Ukraine and France

Two new satellite news mailers have just started. Both are edited by
well-known and experienced satellite enthusiasts. One is Yuriy Pechurkin
from the city of Donetsk in South-Eastern Ukraine. He reports on his
satellite sightings, and what is new on those satellites he can receive.
His satellite news mailer is called SAT-donetsk.

The satellite news mailer form France is edited by Christophe Cartier, who
is located in the city of Grenoble in the South-Eastern part of France. He,
too, reports on what is new on those satellites available at his location.
His mailer is consequently named SAT-grenoble.

Both satellite news mailers are free to subscribe to. They arrive at
anyone's Email mailbox as a free service from satellite enthusiasts to
other satellite enthusiasts, and to keep everybody informed on what is
going on with satellite channels.

Those two new satellite news mailers are part of a network of many other
similar satellite news mailers from different parts of the world. For a
complete run-down of all satellite news mailers, which are all FREE to
subscribe to, take a look at this Home Page:


Most satellite news mailers do co-operate closely with the worlds most
accurate and most diligently up-dated satellite frequency chart, which can
be found here:


SATCO DX operates its own satellite news mailer, which can also be found
and subscribed to at TELE-satellite's Home Page.

TELE-satellite is a bi-monthly glossy satellite trade magazine, published
in German and English language, covering all aspects of receiving satellites.

       Alexander Wiese

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