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Next Issue of TELE-satellite International

Lay out of new issue of TSI is finished by now, printing-films will be made
during next week, and magazine will be printed next-next week, and it is
supposed to hit market around 20th of June. Magazine counts less pages than
usual, due to summer holidays, but it is still a biggie: 216 pages, plus 8
pages English supplement and 16 pages German supplement (the latter
distributed in German language countries only).

Cover story is about a automatic caravan antenna by KATHREIN, feature
articles cover a new Twin receiver with ADR radio from LEMON, a multifeed
complete system from SABA, two new analogue receivers made by NOKIA, a PC
card acting as a satellite receiver, by GALAXIS, a tv projector by PRECON,
which helps to create a true home cinema, a decoder for the RAI channels,
made by FK-SAT, and a miniature receiver from GRUNDIG.

A survey reveals the usability of most of the known digital receivers
worldwide and their ability to receive different digital norms. The
extensive SATCO DX chart, now in a better readable lay out than in previous
issue, covers all satellite channels on a global basis. Indepth reports
about the new THAI and the new AMOS satellites. New Products as seen at the
satellite exhibitions held in Pardubice (Prague), London, and Moscow,
running for 30 pages packed with pictures and Info Pages.

Dr. Dish, in this upcoming issue of TELE-satellite, takes a look at how to
receive SCPC signals, he gives a run-down on DXing digital satellite
signals, and in a cynical report he tells the suffering story of a European
family trying to receive digital pay tv. 

Christian Mass, alter ego of Dr. Dish, in his unique first-hand reports
from Tierra Abajo, a country only he knows about, gives us news about the
way this country is fed by virtual food, and the amazing fact that banks in
this country take negative interest loans.

All of this and more in the next issue of TELE-satellite International,
available starting at the end of June. More information about TSI and
satellites in general can be found at the Home Page:


       Alexander Wiese

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