SATCO DX chart in TELE-satellite International

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For the first time:
SATCO DX chart in TELE-satellite International

According to an exclusive agreement between 'SATCO DX' and 'TELE-satellite
International (TSI)' magazine, the wellknown and highly respected satellite
chart maintained by SATCO DX is now being published regularely in TSI

SATCO DX global satellite chart is available at their Home Page at


at no cost. The chart covers all satellites worldwide, listing all channels
as transmitted via those satellites. The chart covers frequencies as well
as relevant technical data, and even includes a link to the respective Home
Page of each channel, if available. Another direct link leads to
sat-address, where channel addresses can be found.

SATCO DX global satellite chart is, from now on, also available in printed
form within the pages of TSI magazine. TSI is a bi-monthly satellite
magazine covering mainly the technical aspects of satellite transmissions,
like test reports on new products, extensive news coverage, plus now that
one-to-one reprint of SATCO DX chart.

Using a sophisticated computer translation program, all the data as they
are visible on the Internet at satcodx.com, are transferred into a
printable file, which fits the lay out of TSI magazine.

"Whilst the online chart at satcodx.com is updated every day, a printed
chart makes sense to lots of people," says Alexander Wiese, publisher of
TSI. "On print, a chart is much more easy to use. You can not take your
Internet computer up to the roof to fix your satellite dish".

TSI magazine, packed full with satellite information on more than 200
pages, can be obtained either at a local newspaper store, or directly from
the publishers at:


       Alexander Wiese

Email: awiese@TELE-satellite.com
FTP:   ftp://ftp.tele-satellite.com/incoming/

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