Satellite News from America

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Satellite News from America

A new MPEG-2 set-top box by VSLI. All the INTELSAT's giving Olympic
coverage. And Echostar's new digital receivers. Those are just a few of the
news you can expect from a new electronic mailer service. It's called
"SAT-na", where "na" stands for North America, and it covers news related to
satellite technology out of North America. 

This news service is FREE and can be subscribed to by anyone worldwide using
his/her email address. The service is compiled by Gary Torrens from Dallas,
USA. He's one of the pioneers of satellite news, having established his own
satellite news service "Satellite Journal International" more than five
years ago.

"We are happy to have Gary onboard", says Alexander Wiese of TELE-stellit
magazine, which is co-sponsoring this free satellite news service. "Gary's
American news add favorably to our already long list of specialized news
services". "SAT-na" is the eleventh FREE satellite news service sponsored by

To receive "SAT-na" all you need to do is to email to this address:


Leave subject line blank, in body put:

subscribe sat-na

A few minutes after sending you're supposed to get a automatic notification
from "majordomo", a automatic email distribution program. This program sends
out on its own any new messages Gary will produce, to all those subscribed.

This service is FREE and is co-sponsored by TELE-satellit and Satellite
Journal Itl.

"SAT-na" can also be read online at:

For further information, and to subscribe to other TELE-satellit sponsored
satellite news services go to:

TELE-satellit's Home Page:

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