News Server Hits 1000 subscribers mark

Press Release

News Server Hits 1000 subscribers mark

Two of the satellite news services sponsored by TELE-satellit today (July
7th, 1996) have hit the 1000 subscribers mark. Both services are produced on
a daily basis by Stefan Hagedorn from Berlin/Germany. Stefan gives reports
on what's happening on Europe's satellites plus he issues frequency charts
of all European satellites. His services are a major source of information
to anyone who wants to know what's going on in satellites. His news are
first hand, based on his own observations on the ever changing world of
transponders and frequencies plus his own telephoning around in search for
background information.

Stefan's news services are FREE to anyone to receive. Just email to the
following address to start receiving the next day his news FREE OF CHARGE in
your electronic mailbox:
address: majordomo@tags1.dn.net
Leave subject line blank, as body text put:
subscribe sat-stefan
to receive his daily news service, and/or
subscribe sat-stefan-tab
to get his regularely updated satellite frequency charts. Within minutes
your subscription(s) will be notified by an automatic generated confirmation

Those two mailers are now being subscribed to by more than 1000 addressees
around the world. A statistics rundown of subscribers can be found here:
and here:
Subscribe yourself, and you'll see your own domain appear at the next (every
24 hours) update of statistics.

Stefan Hagedorns two news services are part of a whole scheme of satellite
news services aimed at different aspects of satellite technology, sponsored
by TELE-satellit magazine. All of those news services are FREE, a complete
list can be found at TELE-satellit's Home Page at:
Here, you can also take a look at and read recent news mails, before you
decide to subscribe.

       Alexander Wiese

Email: awiese@TELE-satellit.com
URL:   http://sat-net.com/aw/_link.shtml
FTP:   ftp.touch.net/pub/incoming

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