TS News - News Freedom Worries In Poland

TELE-satellit News, 11 August 1997

News Freedom Worries In Poland
  WARSAW, Poland, 97/08/11 (RFE/RL) -- Poland's National Radio and
Television Council (KRRiT), the electronic media watchdog, on 7 August
appointed seven people linked to ruling coalition political parties to
public television's new supervisory board. The move raised concern over
news media freedom before next month's parliamentary elections, Reuter
reported. "People connected to the ruling coalition have a seven-person
controlling package and can do what they want. This does not augur well,"
said KRRiT head Boleslaw Sulik. Sulik, linked to the opposition, was
outvoted by KRRiT members allied with government parties. Allies of the
ruling parties also were appointed to the supervisory board of public
radio. The board of public television appoints the management and shapes
program policies.

 Source: RFE/RL Newsline

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