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TELE-satellit News, 7 August 1997

PAS-6 Launch Feed
  TOKYO, Japan, 97/08/08 (TS) -- PanAmSat will launch its new PAS-6
satellite on an Ariane rocket on Friday morning during a launch window that
extends from 2:46am to 3:46am EDT (0646 to 0746 UTC). The entire satellite
will be used by Sky Latin America as a base for its digital DTH service.

  Live coverage is scheduled as follows:

  Friday August 8, 1997, 02:15am to 04:30am EDT (0615 to 0830 UTC)
  United States: Galaxy 9, transponder 22
  United States: SBS 6, transponder 14 ku
  Latin America: PAS 3, transponder 6C, SCPC, Scientific-Atlanta, 3872.0
  Latin America: PAS 3, transponder 9C, SCPC, General Instruments, 3993.5 Ver.
  Latin America: PAS 1, transponder 15B, SCPC General Instruments, 4129.5 Ver.
  Europe: PAS 1, transponder 21A, MCPC (ch4), Scientific-Atlanta, 11642.0

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