TS News - Next Iridium Launch On Wednesday

TELE-satellit News, 8 July 1997

Next Iridium Launch On Wednesday
  VANDENBURG AFB, California, USA, 97/07/08 (TS) -- The next five Iridium
satellites are due to be launched on Wednesday from the Sapce Launch
Complex-2 at the Vandenburg Air Force Base in California. The satellites,
which will become part of the Iridium mobile telephone network, will be
carried aloft on a Delta II rocket to bring the number of satellites in
orbit to 17.

  The five second launch window opens at 9:04:30am EDT (1304:30 UTC).
Coverage of the launch will be available from 8:30am EDT on SBS-6/12.0190
GHz (transponder 13H).

  By: Curt Swinehart contributed to this report.

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