TS News - Hungary's MSat Moves, Z+ Begins

TELE-satellit News, 7 July 1997

Hungary's MSat Moves, Z+ Begins
  BUDAPEST, Hungary, 97/07/07 (TS) -- The Hungarian youth entartainment
channel MSat has been moved from Astra to Amos-1. It was the only Hungarian
channel on the Astra satellite, broadcasting in digital, but it was
unencoded in the last few months. Now with the move to Amos-1 it is
scrambled again as part of Antenna Hungaria's DVB package. This package is
for cable systems only.

  A new Hungarian music channel called Z+ has started broadcasting on
Amos-1 as part of the Kabelkom (HBO) digital package. It has a similar
style to Music Television (MTV), but with lot less talk. This channel is
also a cable only one and it is encrypted in PowerVU.

  Weekend reports say MSat is now availble unencoded: Amos-1 11,324 GHz
Horizontal, SR:3617, FEC:3-4, VPID:0200, APID:0280

  By: Tamas Nyitrai
(c)TELE-satellit 1997. All rights reserved.

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