TS News - Antenna Hungary Chooses Amos, NetHold Pays $14m

TELE-satellit News, 10 June 1997

Antenna Hungary Chooses Amos, NetHold Pays $14m
BUDAPEST, Hungary, 97/06/10 (TS) -- The Hungarian Broadcasting Corp.
announced that it has signed a satellite distribution contract with Antenna
Hungaria using space on the Amos satellite. Service is expected to begin
June 26, 1997. Antenna Hungaria will provide satellite-to-cable
transmission services for HBCO's Hungarian broadcasting station, MSAT, to
cable operators in Hungary.  This distribution is in addition to the AM
Micro transmission in Budapest.

  In a separate, but related announcement, Hungarian Broadcasting Corp.,
signed a termination agreement with Nethold Development B.V., effective
June 30, 1997, whereby Nethold will cease transmitting MSAT's signal on the
Astra satellite.  This follows Nethold's previously announced intentions to
reduce its business activities in Hungary.  As compensation to Hungarian
Broadcasting for the direct and indirect costs of this service
cancellation, Nethold has agreed to pay HBCO $1.4 million, including
$200,000 of service credits for the period January 1, 1997 to June 30, 1997.

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