Ariane Launches Insat-2D and Inmarsat

TELE-satellit News, 9 June 1997

Ariane Launches Insat-2D and Inmarsat
  PARIS, France, 97/06/09 (TS) -- During the night of June 3 to 4, 1997,
Arianespace successfully launched the Inmarsat-3F4 satellite for the
international organization Inmarsat and Insat-2D for the Indian Space
Research Organisation (ISRO). Flight 97.. was carried out by an Ariane 44L,
the most powerful version of the European launcher with four
liquid-propellant strap-on boosters.  This was the 67th Ariane 4 launched
of the total of 96 ordered from the European space industry.

  Liftoff from the European Space Port in Kourou, French Guiana, took place
on Tuesday, June 3, at 8:20 pm local time in Kourou (7:20 pm EDT, 2320 UTC).

  Inmarsat-3F4 is the fifth satellite launched by Ariane for the
International Mobile Satellite Organization.  Built by Lockheed Martin
Telecommunications in East Windsor, New Jersey (USA), Inmarsat-3F4 will
provide mobile telecommunications services in the Atlantic Ocean region.
It weighed 1,999 kg (4,398 lb) at launch and provides a capacity of 150
30-Ghz channels.

  Insat-2D, the fifth Indian satellite to be launched by Arianespace, was
designed and built in India by ISRO for the Indian government.  Weighing
2,079 kg at launch, it has a triple payload for fixed communications
services, television broadcasting and mobile communications.  Located above
the Maldives Islands, it will serve the entire Indian subcontinent.

  The next launch, Flight 96.., is scheduled for June 25.  An Ariane 44P
launch vehicle will be used to place into orbit the Intelsat 802 satellite
for the International Telecommunications Satellite Organization.  This will
be the 15th Intelsat satellite launched out of 18 launch contracts awarded
to the European launcher. Following Flight 97, Arianespace now has 38
satellites on order to be launched.

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