TS News - DMX And Primestar To Market Jointly

TELE-satellit News, 20 May 1997

DMX And Primestar To Market Jointly
  CHICAGO, Illinois, 97/05/20 (SatND) -- Pay-radio service DMX Inc. and TCI
Satellite Entertainment, Inc. (TSAT,) one of the leading satellite
companies involved in PRIMESTAR, today announced at the National Restaurant
Association trade show in Chicago, Illinois, their agreement to jointly
offer Primestar's television programming and DMX music services to
commercial customers. The agreement will allow DMX for Business to
co-market its music service with Primestar television programming,
increasing the reach of both services. 

  The DMX/Primestar commercial service will be available to businesses
throughout the United States. More than 90 channels of DMX music and up to
160 channels of Primestar digital television programming will be marketed
by DMX for Business, the commercial arm of DMX Inc., as a single source
digital music/video television package. The DMX/ Primestar package will be
the only direct broadcast satellite (DBS) service that offers a complete
digital audio and video package through a single antenna directly to

  DMX Inc. is backed by Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI) and Shaw
Communications, Inc. In February 1997, DMX Inc. and TCI announced that they
have executed a definitive Merger Agreement in which DMX would become a
wholly owned subsidiary of TCI Music Inc., a newly formed TCI subsidiary.On
the other hand, TCI Satellite Entertainment, Inc. was recently spun off and
is no longer affiliated to TCI.

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