TS News - Taiwan's First Satellite Delivered

TELE-satellit News, 20 May 1997

Taiwan's First Satellite Delivered
  TAIPEI, Taiwan, 97/05/20 (SatND) -- The Republic of China's (Taiwan)
first spacecraft, ROCSAT-1, was delivered by TRW Inc. last week. ROCSAT-1
was shipped by freighter aircraft to Chaing Kai Shek International Airport
and driven about 80 kilometres to the industrial city of Hsin-Chu,
headquarters of the Republic's National Space Program Office (NSPO).

  In 1994, TRW was awarded a four-year, US$61 million contract to build
ROCSAT-1; a modular, 400 kilogram satellite that will be launched from a
Lockheed Martin Launch Vehicle-1 into a low-Earth orbit to perform its
experimental science mission. The satellite hosts ROC-built space physics,
oceanography and communications experiments. Its space physics experiment
will gather data on the ionosphere near Taiwan, the low resolution camera
will survey ocean colours, and the communications experiment will
investigate Ka-band telecommunications performance.

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